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NeighborWoods is a program created by Boise Parks and Recreation's Community Forestry Unit. The goal is to provide free trees to property owners to be planted on private property within 10 feet of the public right of way (the street or sidewalk). NeighborWoods is intended not only to provide trees and their benefits to individual property owners, but to the public streets as well, which in turn provide benefits to the City as a whole.

This program is meant for residents of Boise who do not have sufficient space in the public right of way to plant trees through one of Community Forestry's traditional tree planting programs (see Planting Programs). Here are a few facts:

  • Homes will be selected using data from the Tree Canopy assessment for the Treasure Valley which indicates residents who may have space to plant one or more shade trees next to the street at their home.
  • Trees are provided free to residents who are selected and have a viable planting spot for a tree within the indicated planting area.
  • All trees to be planted on private property with consent of owner.
  • Trees must be planted between 5 and 10 feet from sidewalk or street.
  • Trees are guaranteed for a period of 1 year from date of planting provided proper care has been provided.
  • Residents or property owners are responsible for all care and maintenance of the tree after planting.
  • City arborists will review and approve all planting sites to be sure: there is adequate space for the tree to grow; there are no utilities (above or below ground) which will conflict with tree growth; the site is currently being cared for (properly watered and maintained)

Questions about NeighborWoods?

If you have questions about the NeighborWoods tree planting program, please contact us at (208) 608-7700 or by email.

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