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City of Trees Challenge

The City of Boise is leading a new movement for community recovery and climate resiliency. We’ve set a big goal – and we need your help to make it happen.

Together, over the next decade we will plant one tree for every household in the city, that's 100,000 Trees!

We also challenge our community to sponsor one seedling for every person in the city, approximately 235,000, to be planted in forests across the state of Idaho.

To date, we have received over $75,000 from the Arbor Day Foundation to plant 112,000 seedlings in the Boise National Forest to restore lands damaged by the 2016 Pioneer Fire.

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If you wish to plant the tree(s) yourself, or hire a local nursery professional, you must first obtain a permit for planting from our office to insure compliance with city ordinance regarding tree species and specific planting locations.

Permits are free of charge and should be obtained at least one week prior to planting. The cost of the tree and installation is your expense.

By agreeing to have a tree(s) planted on the public right-of-way adjacent to your property, you are also agreeing to provide the necessary day to day care of the tree. Such care includes regular watering, pest control, and pruning by a tree service licensed with the City. Tree-lined streets contribute to your property and to the quality of life in Boise in many positive ways.

Your assistance in planting and maintaining city-owned trees is very much appreciated!

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