Community Gardens

City of Boise recognizes community gardens as a valuable recreational activity that contribute to community development, environmental awareness, and positive social interaction, and that support increased local food production and food security.

The increase in population in our city has brought about an increase in requests for community gardens from Boise citizens who do not have the opportunity to have a garden where they reside.

To encourage the development and maintenance of community gardens, Boise Parks and Recreation Department collaborates with residents to develop community gardens on select city-owned property.

The community garden program offered by Boise Parks and Recreation Department supports the long-term sustainability of community gardens by offering technical support, education, and networking opportunities, and by promoting community garden best practices.

The management and care of your community garden remains with you and the members of your garden group.

If you, or your organization, are interested in developing a community garden on city property, please take a look at Boise Parks and Recreation's Community Garden Policy.

Within this policy you will find information on:

  • City support for community gardens
  • Individual community garden’s responsibilities

Boise Parks and Recreation Department also offers a community garden manual to support you and your group in the development, management, and expectations of community gardens located on select city-owned properties.

The purpose of the community garden manual is to make clear the expectations that are involved with starting and managing a community garden on property owned or managed by Boise Parks and Recreation Department. This manual describes in detail the tasks and duties of your garden group, maintenance and management expectations, and how to plan and build your new community garden.

In addition to the community garden policy and community garden manual, please review the following materials before making an inquiry to develop a new community garden on city-owned land.

Are you interested a community garden, but would rather join an existing group? Information on community gardens on city-owned properties and community gardens located on private land can be found in our community garden map.

  • Community garden map

Community gardens located on Boise Parks and Recreation property with possible available garden plots are:

For additional information on how you can start a community garden, please contact a member of the Boise Urban Garden School program staff.

2995 N Five Mile Road Boise, ID 83713

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