Boise Depot Use Policies

The Boise Depot is a beautiful historic Spanish-style building with a panoramic view of downtown Boise and the foothills. Operated by the city of Boise as a public meeting space, the surrounding grounds and Great Hall offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to host your wedding, reception, fund-raising event, corporate party, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Depot and its facilities may be rented 11 months in advance (12:01 a.m. on the 1st day of the 11th month).

Alcohol Use

To include alcohol at an event, an Idaho licensed caterer is required. In addition, the caterer serving beer, wine or spirits must secure and display an alcohol beverage catering permit at all times during the event. The applicant for the license will be responsible for the actions of the participants and is required to be present during the entire time alcohol is being served. Should the applicant leave the area while alcohol is present for any purpose, this permit is revoked and a security deposit refund will not be issued.

Individuals under the age of 21 will not be allowed to consume or possess alcohol at any time.

Alcohol is to remain within the Boise Depot's Great Hall area, unless the Depot Plaza is also rented. If the Plaza is rented, alcohol will be permitted in a controlled area. Alcohol is not allowed in the Platt Gardens or the roadway. This is an open container violation.

All alcohol distribution must cease one (1) hour prior to the end time of the event.

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Amplified Sound

When the Depot sound system is rented, the renter must provide their own sound equipment (i.e. CD player, iPod, Laptop or other device) and any equipment adapters.

Amplified sound may not exceed 75 decibels inside the Great Hall. If using sound equipment on the Depot Plaza, no person shall operate or aid in the operation of private radios, stereophonic or sound amplification devices at a greater operating level than 62 decibels measured at a distance of 20 feet from said devices, except as authorized by a written permit. All amplified sound on the plaza must end at 10 p.m.

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Benches & Newsstand

Benches in the Great Hall cannot be removed or moved.

A protective cover (i.e. tablecloth) must be used at all times to protect the benches and newsstand counter. The Barkalow Brothers Newsstand windows are to remain open at all times. Items in the newsstand are for display only - touching or moving these items is prohibited.

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Canopy, Tent and Awnings

Canopies, tents and awnings may be used out on the Depot Plaza. For canopies, tents or awnings that are over 200 square feet, a permit from the Boise Fire Department is required. If you have questions, please contact the Boise Fire Department.

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Cleanup and Kitchen Use

Food and/or beverage items are permitted at the Boise Depot but may only be served by an Idaho licensed caterer with a current permit issued by Central District Health Department and a current Eating and Drinking License from the city.

Food and/or beverages may only be set up using the kitchen, Barkalow Brothers, and, if rented, the Plaza area. The Bell Tower entrance cannot be used as food service access. The area around the doorway from the Great Hall to the Bell Tower must remain clear at all times.

The event organizer is responsible for ensuring all spills are cleaned and all trash is removed and placed in the dumpster, which is located outside. The licensed caterer must make sure the kitchen is cleaned, including ensuring the sink is clear of debris and drained, counter tops are wiped clean, inside and outside the fridge is cleaned and all spills are mopped up.

Cooking is restricted in the Depot - open flames are strictly prohibited within the building. However, steam/heating trays are permitted.

The Great Hall, Depot Plaza and Newsstand areas are to be swept, removing all debris and spot-mop any and all spills. Ice shall be discarded only on the gravel on the west side of the Depot.

A security deposit is returned only if the Depot is left clean, undamaged and orderly, with no remaining trash or debris.

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Certain decorations are permitted at the Depot and its facilities. All decorations must be free-standing. Tape, tacks, staples and poster putty are prohibited. Gaffer tape may be used. Extension cords must be secured to the floor using non-residue tape.

Permitted Decorations

  • Air-filled balloon arrangements
  • Real flowers -  used as centerpieces and bouquets only 
  • Battery-operated candles / lights
  • Any free-standing decor that can be easily removed and cleaned up, and is not on the prohibited list.

Prohibited Decorations

The following items are not allowed at the Depot:

  • Helium and Mylar balloons
  • Fog machines
  • Loose flower petals
  • Confetti
  • Bubbles
  • Bird Seed
  • Popcorn
  • Rice
  • Sparklers or open flames
  • Candles - an exception can be made for a unity candle used for a wedding ceremony

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Deposits, Refunds and Cancellations

Please review our complete fee schedule.

An initial payment of $400 ($250 for 5 hours/6 hours special) is due two weeks after a reservation is scheduled. A reservation will automatically be cancelled if payment is received by a payment date. Final payment, including a refundable $300 ($150 for 5 hours/6 hours special) security deposit is due 45 days before the scheduled event. Security deposit refunds will be issued within 30 days after the event if the Depot policies have been met.

A $120 administrative fee is charged on all reservations cancelled after the 1st payment has been made. Reservations cancelled within 60 days of an event will be refunded the $300 ($150 for 5 hours/6 hours special) security deposit if balance has been paid in full.

Rescheduling requests must be made 60 days prior to the original event date and must be within the same calendar year.

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Equipment Rental

The City of Boise will furnish the customary building, heating, lighting and air conditioning. The event must provide its own tables, chairs and any other decor desired (within facility policy).

All equipment must be removed at the end of the scheduled event unless special arrangements are made and listed on the facility reservation.

The reservation holder will be assessed a $250 rental fee, plus any additional costs associated with the removal of equipment left past the event's scheduled time, or as "listed pick up" on the facility reservation. Scheduled times for pick up are the event ending time or by 8:30 a.m. the following day.

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Facility and Grounds

Any alteration to the Depot or property of the Depot is strictly prohibited. The following are prohibited from the Depot and the grounds:

  • Animals
  • Driving on bricks
  • Birdseed, rice, confetti, flower petals, and sparklers

BBQs are permitted ONLY on the gravel area outside the catering kitchen, 4 feet away from the bricks and the sidewalk.

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Generators and Electrical Power

Generators are prohibited at the Boise Depot. The Depot and its facilities have the following capabilities:

  • The Great Hall has 12 110 volt outlets
  • Depot Plaza has 2 110 volt outlets

Extension cords cannot run from the Great Hall to the Depot Plaza. Lights in the Great Hall may be dimmed during an event, but may never be completely shut off.

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Liability insurance is required for all events. it is the responsibility of event organizers to maintain a comprehensive general liability insurance policy with coverage no less than $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence.

Each policy shall be written as a primary policy, not contributing or in excess of any coverage which the city may carry (a certificate naming the City of Boise as additional insured). The adequacy of all insurance required by these provisions shall be subject to approval by the City's risk manager. Unless other insurance is provided, a $125 user fee for liability insurance through the City of Boise is required. A copy of the insurance certificate must be submitted with the final payment.

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There are 73 parking spaces on Eastover Terrace. Road blockages are not permitted, unless the event obtains an ACHD Citizen's Use Permit and provides additional security. There are approximately 35 additional parking spaces available in the gravel area west of Big Mike on the north side of the tracks (off Rudy Street).

Parking is limited to the designated areas and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Large events may consider using a shuttle service for events.

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Security staff will be on site for the entire event. They will unlock the Depot, meet the event organizer and monitor the facility during the entire event; they are not available for set up or clean up of your event. Additional security will be assigned wtih the Depot Plaza and/or the Bell Tower are rented.

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Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in Boise City parks, facilities and within 20 feet of the Boise Greenbelt, as per city code.

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Trash / Recycle

The Depot provides 2 yellow recycle bins, clear plastic bags and a green dumpster for event use. Posters are in the facility with a list of accepted recycle items.

All trash and recycling MUST be taken to the outside trash or recycle dumpsters (at the east end of the Depot). All bags need to be tied and sealed. To prevent damage to the bricks, garbage bags in the cans are to be transported using a hand truck provided.

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