Scrip Taxi Program

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The Scrip Taxi Program is a subsidized taxi program available to those age 15 years and older who have a permanent disability which inhibits their ability to drive a vehicle. Those who wish to utilize this service must live within the Boise city limits and they will receive a 50% discount on taxi services to help meet their transportation needs.

If all requirements are met, participants must acquire a Scrip ID card which can be obtained at the Dick Eardley Boise Senior Center, 690 Robbins Road. The ID cards are free, however individuals must make an appointment by calling (208) 608-7580. After the ID card is made, participants may buy the Scrip vouchers.

How Does It Work?

Each Scrip voucher is valued at $2 and the vouchers come in books of 10. Each book costs an individual $10 and is good for $20 worth of rides. Individuals can buy up to six books of taxi Scrip each month for a total of $60 which provides $120 worth of rides. Scrip books may be purchased in increments of $10 ($10 minimum and $60 maximum/month). Participants may buy their vouchers only once per month (i.e. if someone only wishes to purchase one book, they must wait until the next month to purchase additional books).

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If desired, individuals may purchase two consecutive months worth (the month we are currently in and the next month) of Scrip vouchers at a time ($120 for $240 worth of rides). The current month’s allotment must be purchased in order to purchase the next month. If a participant purchases two months’ worth, they cannot purchase another taxi Scrip book until those two months are over. For example, if someone buys vouchers in October, they can also purchase their November vouchers at that time. However, they will not be eligible to purchase more vouchers until December.

Current Scrip participants who have an ID card can purchase Scrip books over-the-phone using a credit card by calling (208) 608-7580 or in person at the Dick Eardley Boise Senior Center (using cash, check or a credit card) on the specified days/times. There will be an additional fee for postage if we mail the books to you. ABC Taxi and Boise City Taxi accept taxi Scrip vouchers. At the end of your taxi trip, participants pay the driver the meter fare using taxi Scrip vouchers instead of money. The taxi driver is not allowed to give change for a Scrip voucher. Participants do not need to use the Scrip vouchers the same month they buy them; however, please note that unused Scrip vouchers cannot be returned for a refund. Scrip vouchers can only be used by individuals who have the Scrip ID and are non-transferable.

The City of Boise is not responsible for lost or stolen Scrip vouchers.

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