Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Built 1968

In memory of Charles F. Hummel 1925-2016
Julia Davis Park Centennial Board
Dedicated to Charles F. Hummel Faia
by his family, friends and associates

Boise's Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, built in 1966, is the masterwork of architect Charles F. Hummel.

After serving in France during World War II and then in the Korean conflict, the Boise native completed his education in architecture and embarked on a distinguished career, practicing in his family’s Boise firm, today known as “Hummel," from which he retired in 1999.

Hummel was a leader in environmental design, modernism, urban planning and the Idaho chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). His influence is widespread: He designed notable residences and numerous churches, college facilities and commercial buildings. He became a liturgical scholar and architect, helping rehabilitate many Idaho and Oregon Catholic churches to conform to Vatican II precepts. One of them was Boise’s St. John’s Cathedral (1978), which was originally designed by his grandfather and completed in 1921. Named a Fellow by the AIA, Hummel and his firm received many regional AIA awards for their designs.

Over the years, also Hummel earned accolades for leadership in the arts, architectural preservation, zoning and plan revisions, and human/pedestrian-friendly city planning. With Jane Lloyd, he co-founded Idaho Smart Growth, a nonprofit organization working within the overlap of land use, transportation and community development to help Idaho communities of all sizes become great places.

Hummel led numerous Idaho historic preservation projects. He was instrumental in the creation of Boise’s two initial historic districts, lead the 2001 restoration of the 1863 O’Farrell Cabin on Fort Street, and advocated to save the Egyptian Theater and Old Ada County Courthouse.

Boise’s park system benefited from Hummel in many ways. When the Federal Highway system brought the Interstate to southwestern Idaho in the 1960s, he discovered that the I-184 connector into downtown was slated to pour traffic into the River Street area, parallel to the Boise River’s north side and running through Julia Davis Park. He successfully petitioned decisionmakers to realign the connector’s route. He joined the Julia Davis Park Second Century Coalition in the late 1990s, helping guide improvements to this historic park. And as a longtime Rotarian, Hummel actively supported the coalition of Boise Rotary Clubs in funding the Julia Davis Park Rotary Grand Plaza, dedicated in 2017.

Charles F. Hummel died at 91 in Boise on October 22, 2016.


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