Idaho First National Bank 1902

U.S. Bank remembers our founders C.W. Moore & B.M. DuRell who chartered Idaho First National Bank in 1867

In 1867, C.W. Moore moved his family to Boise from the mining district around Silver City. Moore, B.M. DuRell, Gov. Ballard, William Roberts and Joel Fithian filed for the second national bank charter west of the Rockies, which was issued on March 11, 1867. C.W. Moore was the first cashier of the new bank. In 1872, he bought out the interest of DuRell, its first president. Moore served as the bank's president from 1889 until his death in 1916. His son-in-law, J.W. Cunningham, served as its vice president from 1915 until his death in 1946.

Cunningham left all his money in the bank when it temporarily closed in 1932 during the national banking crisis of the Depression. This act solidified the faith of many others, and the bank quickly emerged again as a viable institution. The bank prospered and grew, serving Idahoans for over 115 years.

From the mid-1980s through 1995, Idaho First National Bank and its successors were bought out in a nationwide era of bank consolidation. However, Moore family descendants still own shares and participate in Idaho-level governance of U.S. Bank, which was the final purchaser. U.S. Bank is active in commerce and philanthropy throughout Idaho.

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