William Edgar Borah (Senator)

Photo of William Borah

Burial Date: Jan 25, 1940
Location: Section Borah-1-1

William Borah began practicing law in Boise in the fall of 1890, a few months after Idaho was admitted into the Union. An easy speaker and a favorite of the press, Borah quickly became a leader of the Progressive movement after being elected to the US Senate in 1907. The movement fought for political, social and economic reform. Their agenda included worker safety and an eight hour workday. Early in his career, he fought effectively for the direct election of senators, a graduated income tax and Prohibition. In the 1920's, he became the unparalleled leader of the Progressives and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He voted against protective tariffs believing that they would hurt farmers more than help them and argued strenuously for recognition of the Soviet Union and non-intervention in other countries.

The "Lion of Idaho" died at the age of 74. He was married to Mary McConnell, daughter of a former governor of Idaho.

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