2018 Ridge to Rivers Survey Results

Thank you so much for your feedback and engagement associated with our August 2018 Foothills Open Space and Trails Open House. More than 1,300 people took our online survey and more than 200 attended the open house event in August. We learned a lot about your experiences and expectations on the trail system and will utilize this information moving forward with management decisions and policy implementation. Below are a few key takeaways from the survey. Our Ridge to Rivers team works hard to ensure that our trails are enjoyable for all users. With over one million visits each year, we are working to provide fun and meaningful recreational experiences for walkers, runners, cyclists, equestrians, environmentalists and persons with disabilities. Please help us continue to improve this community amenity by learning more about trail etiquette, cleaning up after your pooch, and ensuring your interactions with other users are kind.

A few of the key lessons we learned from the survey responses:

  • Users are ready to investigate new, single use, directional trails for mountain bikers to remove downhill traffic from heavily used trails.
  • There is confusion about trail etiquette and a need to double down on our efforts to education new and long-time trail users.
  • Trail users are eager to see more opportunities to enforce dog policies and clarify expectations regarding dogs that are “in control.”

There is a lot of great feedback within the survey and we take this feedback to heart when proposing new policies, trails and education efforts. For example, based on your input, we have defined what it means for a dog to be “in control” within City of Boise code. This will allow our animal enforcement officers to educate and issue citations as needed (Boise City Code). Thank you again for your cooperation and your engagement!

survey results (all are anonymous)

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