Weed Warriors

A Boise Homeowner's Guide to Identifying and Managing Invasive Plants

Got Weeds?

If so, this website is for you. It's purpose is to provide facts, photographs, and information that will help Boise residents identify and control invasive species in their backyard, neighborhood, and where outdoor recreational opportunities are found. Even if weeds are not currently found in your yard, they are still a threat to your property if they are already growing along a nearby road, in the adjacent foothills, along the river, or in any open spaces.

Each of the fact sheets will help you to identify invasive plants on your property or in your neighborhood, understand why they they are weedy and troublesome, and learn about methods for controlling them on properties up to 2 or 3 acres in size. Note that larger properties may require different control methods and the assistance of professionals.

In the Resources section of the site, you will find general information about eradicating invasive plants in your yard, your neighborhood and the wider community. You will also find additional references to help you learn more about invasive plants. It is our hope that this website will help you join the growing team of "weed warriors" in Boise, Idaho.

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