Alta Harris Park Site

The new Alta Harris Park will occupy 20-acres of undeveloped land along the Boise River. Alta Harris Park is the seventh riverside community park in the "Ribbon of Jewels," a series of local parks named in honor of prominent local women. The park site is located off Eckert Road, northeast of Barber Park.

2019 Master Plan Update


The original master plan included a pond intended for park irrigation. The City of Boise conducted a Water Supply Planning Investigation and determined that the pond was not a viable option for irrigation. With the removal of the pond from the plan, the site could add an additional soccer field, for a total of three fields.


The Boise River Greenbelt outside of the park will ultimately connect along Eckert Road. Boise Parks and Recreation ultimately intends to construct a pedestrian/bike tunnel under Eckert Road, but currently lacks the funding to construct the tunnel in the present construction environment. As an interim plan, the existing Greenbelt path will connect to the park via a signal-activated crosswalk aligned with Millbrook Way. Park users will be able to utilize internal park pathways as a walking loop. Eventually, when funding is identified and procured, Eckert Road will be connected to the new Gateway Reserve property adjacent to the Shakespeare Festival.


In the revised master plan, the playground has been relocated outside of the floodplain.


The original master plan included four pickleball courts. Boise Parks and Recreation revised the master plan to accommodate the growing popularity of this sport; the new plan offers a dozen courts. Parks and Recreation is currently constructing a similarly sized facility at Hobble Creek Park in West Boise. Alta Harris Park can better cater to residents of the Barber Valley, eliminating their long drive to access courts. Boise Parks and Recreation is exploring sound mitigation opportunities— including sound attenuating fabrics— to minimize the impact to homeowners on Eckert Road. Parks and Recreation hopes to employ grant funding to cover the cost of court construction. Construction is expected in 2022 at the earliest.


After carefully considering the amount of parking required for full participation in differing park amenities, Boise Parks and Recreation decided to reduce the number of parking spaces in the master plan  from 225 to 127. Parks and Recreation reached out to the Barber Valley Neighborhood Association during master plan revisions and incorporated their suggestions into the finalized plan. Boise Parks and Recreation is currently working through a Parking Management Strategy to address the impact of ‘floater parking’ during summer months.

The Alta Harris Community Park Revised Master Plan was approved by the Boise Parks and Recreation Commission on October 17, 2019.

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Master Plan

The Master Plan is a concept drawing illustrating recreation facilities and landscape features planned for a park site.  It does not necessarily represent what amenities are currently in a park.


The current construction timeline for this project is TBD. Check back for details.

About Alta Harris

In 1950, Alta and Dallas moved the sawmill to the Boise area, calling it Harris Brothers Lumber Company, eventually becoming Producers Lumber Company and then they began acquiring land in East Boise along the Boise River. There they established a ranch raising Hereford cattle, which still operates today. The real estate development project, Harris Ranch, takes its name from this family enterprise. Dallas and Alta were true partners in business and life. Alta has invested energy in civic and religious activities as well as promoting Christian education. Once developed, amenities may include sport fields, playground, restrooms, picnic shelters and connection to the Greenbelt. The park site is located on the north bank of the Boise River in the Harris Ranch development. Alta and Dallas Harris had four children: Felicia Burkhalter, Gary Harris, Millie Davis and Randy Harris.

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