Spaulding Ranch Park Site

3805 N Cole Rd, Boise

Spaulding Ranch was acquired by the City of Boise in early 2016 and is the first property of its kind in Boise Parks and Recreation’s inventory.

January 2019 Update

Since November, Boise Parks and Recreation has been working to accomplish the necessary infrastructure and utility planning associated with the site’s future programming and land uses.  We have had the site’s topography surveyed for future grading and drainage of the agricultural and open space areas. Other activities include demolition of the house on the corner of Glenwood St and Cole Rd (see before and after photos below). Boise Parks and Recreation will be bringing in fill and topsoil in order seed the area with grass this spring. 

The city is exploring water conservation options for the agricultural components of the site, and renewable energy strategies for future operations and events. Boise Parks and Recreation has received preliminary approval from the irrigation district for a design to pipe the Tuttle Lateral which bisects the property. The proposed design will create a protected storage pond on the northwest quadrant of the property, allowing the existing creek to remain in place as a water feature. Piping the lateral would also provide more efficient and reliable delivery of water to other users ‘downstream’. 

Master Plan

The Master Plan is a concept drawing illustrating recreation facilities and landscape features planned for a park site.  It does not necessarily represent what amenities are currently in a park.

Download Master Plan

Boise Parks and Recreation has created a draft plan to prepare the site for future agricultural areas, a fruit tree orchard and a native habitat area. Expect to see increased activities at the site in spring 2019 as crews will work to accomplish:

- Phase 1: Water and irrigation system design and installation
- Phase 2: Weed suppression and amending soil for future growing
- Phase 3: Cover crop planting, native plantings and fruit tree selection

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