Spaulding Ranch Park Site

3805 N Cole Rd, Boise

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Spaulding Ranch was acquired by the City of Boise in 2016 and is the first property of its kind in Boise Parks and Recreation’s inventory. The site was designated as a local historic district in 1996 and the large, 20-acre destination features a barn, main house and acreage for agricultural plots and pathways.


To create a dynamic community gathering space where residents and visitors can learn about the past, present and future or urban agriculture in Boise, Idaho.

Recent Investments and Current Work

  • The road with access through the Spaulding Ranch Park Site is completed and open.
  • Boise Parks and Recreation’s agriculture team is working with partners to plant cover crops and irrigate the fields.
  • The fall pumpkin patch has been planted and will be ready for the neighborhood to enjoy this fall (event date TBD).
  • Global Gardens has a farmer on the property this summer. They will grow their own produce on the Spaulding Ranch property.

Next Steps

  • Parks and Recreation’s Design and Development team is working on a detailed design plan for the grounds including completion of the irrigation system, pathways throughout the property, shade structures and a restroom/wash station.

Get Involved

Partnerships are vital to the success of this large-scale project. Interested in learning more about ways to support Spaulding Ranch's restoration, on-site education and participate in upcoming volunteer opportunities, please use the link below to contact us.

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Spaulding Ranch Master Plan Rendering
Spaulding Ranch Master Plan Rendering
Master Plan

The Master Plan is a concept drawing illustrating recreation facilities and landscape features planned for a park site. It does not necessarily represent what amenities are currently in a park.

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Historic District

In 1996, the City of Boise designated Spaulding Ranch as a local historic district.

Spaulding Ranch History

Almon and Mary Spaulding came to Idaho in 1896 and created the Spaulding homestead. Originally a 100-acre farm, the City of Boise purchased the remaining 20-acres in 2016 to create what will be will be the unique destination for food education and engagement. Spaulding Ranch is a small part of a larger history of agriculture in Idaho. More than a farm, it will be a dynamic community gathering space that showcases the past, present and future of agriculture and food. Here you will find local partners working together to showcase each and every element of the community food system model. Grow. Eat. Share. The visionary plan intends to revive urban agriculture within the City, preserve the rich and unique history of the site and provide an amenity that will be an asset to the neighborhood and the region. 

Project completion estimates are subject to change due to volatility in the construction industry. Current challenges include material availability, rising costs, supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages and more. Boise Parks and Recreation will update project timelines as needed if delays occur.

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