Spaulding Ranch Park Site

3805 N Cole Rd, Boise

Spaulding Ranch was acquired by the City of Boise in early 2016 and is the first property of its kind in Boise Parks and Recreation’s inventory.

Virtual Neighborhood Meeting Information

Boise Parks and Recreation is currently working on improvements to the Spaulding Ranch site located at 3805 N. Cole Rd. This year, we would like to formalize future access to the site by improving both the north and south Glenwood Street entrances and by adding a ‘right-in, right-out’ access from N. Cole Road. View plans below.

Thank you to everyone who attended the virtual meeting on April 21, 2021. For anyone who was unable to attend, click the link below to view the recording.

If you have any comments on the proposed plans, please contact us via email or call (208) 608-7600.

Map of Spaulding Ranch Property

Spring 2021 Update

In April 2021, Boise Parks and Recreation will begin the process of restoring the southwest quadrant of the Spaulding Ranch property to native habitat. Currently the area is vegetated primarily with non-native, low ecological value plant material. The restoration project will focus on establishing native bunchgrasses forbs and shrubs. In the next two-three years you can expect:

  • Fencing to be placed around the restoration site
  • A variety of agricultural equipment working in the southwest quadrant
  • A period of time where the land is kept fallow
  • Establishment of grasses followed by forbs and shrubs the following year
  • Installation of irrigation and walking paths
Master Plan

The Master Plan is a concept drawing illustrating recreation facilities and landscape features planned for a park site.  It does not necessarily represent what amenities are currently in a park.

Download Master Plan

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