Ann Morrison Park Fountain Construction

The Ann Morrison Park fountain renovation project includes the removal of the aging raised fountain and replacing it with a ground level water tunnel that is interactive for people of all ages and abilities.

The water tunnel is 70 feet long and includes multiple water jets and LED lights. The jets range from five feet to almost seven feet tall and will include an interactive element. With the press of button, the water jets will run through pre-designated water show sequences for users to enjoy. Curved benches at each end with an interactive waterfall feature to wet people’s feet.

The curved seat walls are 1 inches tall with seven water weirs and LED lights. Water will spill from the top of the wall. The walls will have brick and concrete caps that are similar to the brick and caps on the raised planters around the Ann Morrison memorial.

The surfacing around the new fountain includes a rubberized surfacing material for safety.

The overall budget for the new interactive fountain and benches is $1.975 million. The funding is a combination of city dollars and a $325,000 donation from the Harry W. Morrison Foundation and a $100,000 donation from the Morrison Knudsen Foundation.

Boise Parks and Recreation will update residents on an opening date for the new fountain in the coming months.

Concept Drawing:

Ann Morrison Park Fountain Drawing

The Ann Morrison Park fountain renovation project includes the relocation of the Three Deer sculpture created by Bernie Jesterbeck Hart (2009) to the Boise River side of the Greenbelt near the Old Timers Shelter. The sculpture is scheduled to be relocated the week of March 21 and the contractor will have flaggers along the Greenbelt to keep traffic moving and users safe near the SW 0.3 mile marker. The full width of the Greenbelt path will be open while the contractor is not working and the sculpture relocation is expected to take about a week. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as the sculpture is relocated.

Donor Portal

Donor Portal Concept Drawing

A donor portal will be located next to the new fountain. This is a separate project that the Harry W. Morrison Foundation is funding. You can learn more on their Come Play! campaign website.

Project completion estimates are subject to change due to volatility in the construction industry. Current challenges include material availability, rising costs, supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages and more. Boise Parks and Recreation will update project timelines as needed if delays occur.

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