Ann Morrison Park Fountain

Ann Morrison Fountain in early summer
Testing of the new high tech Ann Morrison Park fountain and choreographing of splash/spray sequences is underway.
Ann Morrison Fountain at night
Preview of synchronized lights for a Fourth of July fountain show.
Benches with cascading waterfalls flank the fountain.
Benches with cascading waterfalls flank the fountain.

The Ann Morrison Park fountain renovation project is an exciting update to one of the premier features in this beloved Boise park. The aging raised fountain was removed and replaced with a ground level water tunnel that is interactive and accessible for people of all ages and abilities. It’s a high-tech marvel with over 10 miles of electrical wiring routed through more than 240 conduits for operation!

The main water tunnel is 70 feet long and includes multiple water jets and customizable colored LED lights with an infinite number of configurations and combinations. The 69 active jets range from sprays of five feet to almost 12 feet tall depending on the show pattern, and allow users to splash inside, through and around them. With the press of button, the water jets run through a half-dozen pre-designated water show sequences for users to enjoy. There are a variety of arches, sprays and splashing designs. Curved benches at each end include 14 interactive waterfall features to wet people’s feet.

The curved seat walls and waterfalls or water weirs, also include colored LED lights that will light up the park at dusk. Water spills from the top of the bench and under the seat cap for a cooling effect. The walls include brick and concrete caps that are similar to the brick and caps on the raised planters around the Ann Morrison memorial area.

The fountain design includes a state-of-the-art filtration and sanitization system that treats 7,000 gallons of water to maintain safe levels for recreation. There is a two-phase and filtration system and UV sanitization capable of pumping 220 gallons per minute. Everything is controlled and monitored by an automated system so maintenance team members can make adjustments at a moment’s notice if any changes are detected in the balance of water.

Meanwhile, the surfacing around the new fountain has been updated for safety and accessibility as well. The rubberized surfacing material is durable and easily used by park visitors, including those with mobility devices.

The overall budget for the new interactive fountain and benches is $1.975 million. The funding is a combination of city dollars and a $325,000 donation from the Harry W. Morrison Foundation and a $100,000 donation from the Morrison Knudsen Foundation.

Following opening day, the fountain will be turned on during park hours from Memorial Day through Labor Day and is operable from sunrise to sunset when the park is open to visitors.

Donor Portal

A donor portal, titled Double Portal, is located next to the new fountain. It was designed by artist Stephanie Inman and installed in 2023.

ARTIST’S STATEMENT – by Stephanie Inman

“Ann Morrison Park's design incorporated many circular elements at its creation. A central DOUBLE PORTAL continues the theme of circles and emphasizes the strong axis from the park entry through the fountain onto the bronze memorial of Ann Morrison.

The two portals of DOUBLE PORTAL are treated differently. The West Portal was inspired by a classic mid-century breeze block pattern, using an aesthetic of clean, simple lines and an honest use of materials (vs. a lot of decoration). The East Portal has a more organic pattern of stainless steel donor-recognition circles, almost like bubbles from the fountain. Some circles are open to both sides to encourage the idea of transparency.

My goal was to make a memorable and unique art installation that doubles as a place to recognize donors.”

The artwork is a separate project funded by the Harry W. Morrison Foundation. You can learn more on the foundation’s Come Play! campaign website.

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