Greenbelt Etiquette Tips In Light Of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


With the increase in Greenbelt users as people seek fresh air and stress relief due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we urge everyone to use their best judgement at this difficult time. Your health and the health of our community depend on your careful attention to physical distancing – creating six feet of space or more between you and members outside your immediate household. If the Greenbelt is busy, take extra precautions or try a walk or ride in your neighborhood instead. It’s up to all of us to be smart and make sure this popular recreational space stays open. Below is our team’s advice on how to be a responsible Greenbelt user during this time:

  1. According to Central District Health orders, face coverings/masks that cover the nose and mouth are required for every person, both indoors and outdoors, when they are in a public place and others are present and physical distancing of six feet cannot be maintained. Greenbelt users should have a face covering available at all times to wear anytime they come within six feet of other users on the path.
  2. If you arrive at a Greenbelt access point or parking lot and it is full or crowded, please be flexible and go somewhere else. Avoid crowds and group gatherings. If you are sick, please stay home.
  3. If you are unable to provide six feet or more of physical distancing between yourself and anyone outside your immediate household on the Greenbelt, do not pass. Slow down and wait until it is safe to do so.
  4. When it is safe to pass, say “on the left,” make yourself known, and provide as much space as possible (more than six feet for proper physical distancing).
  5. Be alert and mindful of other users on the path. Do not wear headphones that cover both ears and if you use ear buds or air pods, keep one ear open to listen for others.
  6. Travel the path in a manner that allows you to yield, especially when on a bicycle. Please slow down when approaching other users, be aware of blind corners, and be mindful of traffic coming from behind.
  7. When walking, running or cycling with members of your immediate family on the Greenbelt, please travel single file on the far right of the Greenbelt. This allows for easier passing and keeps more of the path clear to prevent user conflicts.
  8. If you need to step off the path to allow another person to pass with six feet or more of physical distancing, please do so.
  9. Dogs should be on a leash at all times and under control.

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