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Boise Parks and Recreation is committed to providing accessible and inclusive experiences for users of all abilities. The playground at Bowler Park includes a Volta® Inclusive Spinner and has bonded rubber surfacing for mobility device users. Take a video tour of this playground by clicking the button below.

Playground equipment at Bowler Park

The new playground at Bowler Park was built with accessibility in mind.

Amenities woven into the playground design provide opportunities for individuals utilizing mobility devices and include the ability to enter or interact with other children as they play and explore around them. The playground features are designed for both age groups: ages 2-5 and ages 5-12.

In addition, a special bonded rubber fall material will be installed underneath the playground – the surface is easy to navigate for people who use assistive devices and provides a soft surface for all playground users.


    • Volito/AirVenture® Glider
      • Kids love to swing and with Volito, the whole group can swing together. The large disc-like seat is perfect for children of all abilities to interact and develop improved balance and posture.
      • At Bowler Park, the Volito is combined with AirVenture® Glider, so children of all abilities can swing together in the same space.
    • Orb™ Rocker
      • With four traditional seats, its unique design and exciting rocking motion invites everyone into the fun. Caregivers and children will love the ease of access with side openings that allow users of all sizes to enter and ride comfortably. Providing opportunities for teamwork and collaboration, the Orb Rocker helps children develop skills that transcend the playground while having so much fun!
    • Volta® Inclusive Spinner
      • The universally designed Volta® Inclusive Spinner is a spinning social space designed for users of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Multiple seating positions allow everyone to play in the same space - outward facing seats provide a high level of independence while inward facing seats with high backs allow for younger users to stay securely in place.
    • Spinetic®
      • Spinetic®  is a multi-user spinner that offers children the opportunity to play together and work toward a common goal - an exciting spinning adventure on the playground! With room for up to 8 kids, this is certain to be a favorite in any playspace!

*Thanks to BCI Burke Company for providing all of the above amenity descriptions.

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