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Boise Parks and Recreation is committed to providing accessible and inclusive experiences for users of all abilities. The playground at Cassia Park includes a We Go Round ™ and has bonded rubber surfacing for mobility device users. Take a video tour of this playground by clicking the button below.

The playground at Cassia Park was replaced with accessibility in mind.

Amenities woven into the playground design provide opportunities for individuals utilizing mobility devices and include the ability to enter or interact with other children as they play and explore around them. Overall, the playground features are designed to appeal to the younger 2 to 5 age group as well as more challenging playground elements incorporated for older children ages 5 to 12-years-old.

In addition, a special bonded rubber fall material was installed underneath the playground – the surface is easy to navigate for people who use assistive devices and provides a soft surface for all playground users.


  • Arch Tire Swing
    • Designed for long-lasting fun, the 5" Arch Tire Swing is a must-have for any playground.
  • Arch Swing
    • The 5" Arch Swing Frame brings beauty and fun to the playground for kids ages 2 to 12. 
  • Alpha® Tower (Large Geometric Playground Tower)
    • The Alpha® Tower brings height to your playground with multiple climbing opportunities and exhilarating sliding. Innovative climbers invite kids to scale the outside up to the 4’ and 8’ decks. Or they can reach the decks by climbing inside, ultimately reaching the fully enclosed 12’ deck for an amazing view. Kids have two great ways to get back down. The Double Swoosh Slide® lets kids slide two at a time from the 8’ deck and the curvy WhooshWinder® Slide offers a thrilling ride from the very top. The compact interior will have kids climbing and crawling to explore all the different activities. The Alpha Tower’s distinctive geometric design encourages imaginative play. It also gives kids plenty of unique ways to look out, while perforated and slotted panels provide visibility from the outside. The cool aesthetics of the Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel frame are ideal for this modern design and offer enhanced corrosion resistance for coastal environments.
  • Double Bobble Rider™ 
    • The Bobble Rider™ provides tons of springy, wobbly, bobbly action.
  • Cube
    • Plenty of activities means plenty of fun on the Cube structure. While this play structure meets the technical specifications for children 2-5 years old, it was uniquely designed for kids ages 2-3. We recognize that there are huge developmental differences between a 2-year old and a 5-year old. Cube is a smart choice for younger children, packing 14 activities into a compact space to keep them busy and entertained in a safe and developmentally-appropriate way.
  • Double Oodle ® Swing
    • The Double Oodle Swing combination is designed to encourage social play while swinging. A child can easily transfer from a mobility device into the Oodle Swing and its shape allows children to sit or lay together in different ways while providing support. The Oodle Swing's larger size allows adults and children to swing together. Cooperative play is needed to make the swing go, encouraging children of all abilities to work together to swing.
  • DigiRider® Bear
    • This colorful DigiRider® Bear adds a whimsical touch and bouncy fun to playgrounds of any color. Encourages imaginative play.
  • FitCore™ Extreme Rope Climb (5-12)
    • The bell at the top of the Rope Climb allows kids to signal their successful accomplishment of this obstacle. 
  • Friendship® Swing
    • The Friendship® Swing additional bay for the Arch Tire Swing is a great way to add a unique to-fro multi-user swing experience to a tire swing set. Easy to access, it’s a great way for friends, siblings, parents and grandparents to all enjoy time swinging together.
  • Toddler Swing
    • The Toddler Swing is an simple way to introduce swinging to your toddler playground! For kids ages 2 to 3. 
  • We Go Round ™
    • The We-Go-Round™ is a merry-go-round where everyone can spin! It is designed so that children using wheeled mobility devices can wheel right in and enjoy the rotation that come from a merry-go-round experience. They can contribute to the spinning of We-Go-Round™ by using the center post wheel which allows children to create spin from the inside and outside of this merry-go-round. The design encourages social play by all children as riders and pushers cooperate to make this a fun vestibular experience for every child. Those pushing get to work on motor planning and coordination through the engagement of their proprioceptive receptors in their muscles and joints.

*Thanks to Landscape Structures for providing all of the above amenity descriptions.

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