Phase 2 Wave Modifications Update

Guide to Phase 1 and Phase 2 Whitewater Park Features

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department is working closely with engineering firm McMillen on planned updates to the Phase 2 adjustable wave feature (#6 on corresponding map) at the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Boise Whitewater Park. Engineers are proposing design modifications that will support unmonitored operation of the Phase 2 adjustable wave feature and improve flow operation flexibility. The maintenance modifications are expected to be implemented over the winter, with the completion of all planned modifications expected in the spring of 2024.

Parks and Recreation’s goal is to create a reliable recreational experience for all users, so whitewater park wave operators will no longer need to host monitored sessions at the Phase 2 adjustable wave. The Phase 2 adjustable wave is currently an expert-only feature due to the power and intensity of the wave. McMillen engineers have created a plan for modifications to the Phase 2 wave that meet the city’s goals, while creating a fun and challenging in-river feature for river recreationists at a variety of flows.

Please use the buttons below to view design documents and hydraulic analysis from engineers working on the project.

Phase 2 Design Update

Phase 2 Modifications Plan

Hydraulic Analysis

Phase 2 Modifications Visual 


In addition, interested stakeholders and users can visit the Boise Whitewater Park Phase 2 FAQ web page to learn more about planned design modifications and what users can expect in the coming years. 

Phase 2 Modifications FAQ

Aerial Photograph of Phase 2 at Boise Whitewater Park
Aerial Photograph of Phase 2 at the Boise Whitewater Park

Community Open House

Thanks to everyone who attended the community open house on Monday, November 20th with the project team to update recreationists on the status of the project, outline the planned maintenance modifications at Phase 2 and answer any questions.

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