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Boise Parks and Recreation is committed to providing accessible and inclusive experiences for users of all abilities. The playground at Molenaar Park includes We Go Round ™ and Double Oodle ® Swings and has bonded rubber surfacing for mobility device users. Take a video tour of this playground by clicking the button below.

The playground at Molenaar Park is the largest and one of the most unique playgrounds in the Boise Parks and Recreation system.

Amenities woven into the playground design provide opportunities for individuals utilizing mobility devices and include the ability to enter or interact with other children as they play and explore around them. This playground is the latest within the Boise parks system to receive new amenities for children of all abilities. Overall, the playground features are designed to appeal to the younger 2 to 5 age group as well as more challenging playground elements incorporated for older children ages 5 to 12-years-old.

Other cool elements at Molenaar Park include the two zip lines that stretch across the western edge of the playground. Children can glide through the air between a set of platforms. In addition, a special bonded rubber fall material was installed underneath the playground – the surface is easy to navigate for people who use assistive devices and provides a soft surface for all playground users.

The budget for the Molenaar Park playground was $600,000.


  • Crab Trap ™
    • The Crab Trap is a climber with a wide variety of challenging climbing elements that children will enjoy. The net components of this climber constantly require children to respond to their own movements as well as the movement of others climbing around them. This improves their balance, flexibility and motor coordination. Children are challenged to climb in an infinite number of ways as they from one climbing component to another. For those who use wheelchairs, they can wheel into the Crab Trap and engage with their friends who are climbing all around them.

  • We Go Round ™
    • The We-Go-Round™ is a merry-go-round where everyone can spin! It is designed so that children using wheeled mobility devices can wheel right in and enjoy the rotation that come from a merry-go-round experience. They can contribute to the spinning of We-Go-Round™ by using the center post wheel which allows children to create spin from the inside and outside of this merry-go-round. The design encourages social play by all children as riders and pushers cooperate to make this a fun vestibular experience for every child. Those pushing get to work on motor planning and coordination through the engagement of their proprioceptive receptors in their muscles and joints.

  • Super Netplex ®
    • The Super Netplex Climber challenges children to constantly respond to their own movements as well as the movement of other children climbing on the net. This improves their balance, flexibility and motor coordination. The subtle movements of the net help build overall core trunk muscle strength. Children are challenged to climb in an infinite number of ways as they move up, down and all around this unique net climber. A variety of different climbers can be used in the interior to provide access for all to the upper levels.

  • Cozy Dome ®
    • The Cozy Dome is a unique climber that is the perfect mix of a fun climber and a cozy place for children to escape to observe others playing. It has round openings for hand and foot placement for climbing. These openings also provide good line of sight for parents who want to keep track of their children hiding within.

  • ZipKrooz ®
    • The ZipKrooz provides every child with the chance to fly! The design allows children to experience fast linear movement from one end of the structure to the other. The pod seat provides a challenging seating option for those who want to really work their core muscles as they fly through space. When combined with the ZipKrooz Assist; these tracks combine to create a social element to the flying experience. Children can choose to race each other or develop imaginary games and scenarios as they ride side by side.

  • Double Oodle ® Swings
    • The Double Oodle Swing combination is designed to encourage social play while swinging. A child can easily transfer from a mobility device into the Oodle Swing and its shape allows children to sit or lay together in different ways while providing support. The Oodle Swing's larger size allows adults and children to swing together. Cooperative play is needed to make the swing go, encouraging children of all abilities to work together to swing.

  • We-Saw ™
    • The We-Saw provides children with movement up and down in space. Children can find the "just right" movement experience by sitting in the molded seats or on the center platform. Both seating options provide varying degrees of support that can be used as children need or want to engage in movement. The design allows for two children or a group of children to join in the We-Saw experience. The seats are large enough to accommodate teens and adults allowing the experience to become a true group hangout. Regardless of the number who play on the We-Saw they will all get to experience a fun vestibular experience in the presence of friends.

  • Smart Play ® Motion
    • The Smart Play Motion has 16 interactive activities addressing developmentally-appropriate skills these include the Inclined Tunnel, Leaf Shape-and-Fit, Wiggle Ladder, Slide, Shape-and-Fit Table, Leaf Trail, Race Car/Roller Track, Numbers Climber, Ring-a-Bell, Marbles, Bongo Panel, Bead Panel, Steering Wheel, Steppers, Alphabet Panel and a PlayTable with Seats. It will keep children ages 2-5 years old engaged for hours as they explore through play, developing their body, mind and social skills.

*Thanks to Landscape Structures for providing all of the above amenity descriptions.

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