Cary Colwell Havird

Cary Havird newspaper photo
Photo courtesy of The Idaho Statesman 7/18/1905 Page 3

Born December 4, 1855      
Died November 20, 1928, Boise, ID

C.C. Havird was elected in Nov. 1904. On April 30, 1905, one of his appointed deputies, Deputy Twogood participated in a raid of a saloon running a gambling fraternity.

Sheriff Havird relieved Deputy Twogood of duty shortly thereafter on May 8, 1905. Deputy Twogood alleged that members of the gambling fraternity had urged Sheriff Havird to take the action due to his participation in the raid.

Further scandal arose when Mr. Twogood alleged that he had paid Sheriff Havird $300 for his appointment as deputy and that the Sheriff’s son, Harry, bookkeeper for the Sheriff’s Office, maintained two sets of books indicating that the Sheriff was collecting fees in excess of those reported officially to the county. The private book was eventually turned over to officials who then pressed for Sheriff Havird to resign.

Initially Sheriff Havird refused to resign claiming innocence. He resigned on July 21, 1905 on the advice of his attorney and retired to his ranch. The remainder of his term was assumed by former Sheriff D.H. Moseley.

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