Mayor Henry Prickett

Photo of Henry Prickett
Photo courtesy of The Idaho State Historical Society

Born 1839, England
Died June 14, 1885, Hailey, Idaho

Henry Prickett was born in England in 1839. He practiced law in Wisconsin, and in 1865 moved to Idaho City. He then moved to Boise and practiced law, as well as participated in local politics.

After several years of fighting the incorporation of Boise City, the voters approved a commission form of city government in 1867. Still there were leaders who refused to participate. When Mayor-elect L.B. Lindsey refused to take the oath of office, Henry Prickett was appointed in the chambers of Judge John Cummins on Nov. 18, 1867. He resigned two months later, in Jan. 1868 to resume private practice.

In 1876 he was the territorial appointment to the Idaho Supreme Court.

Prickett has, by some accounts, mistakenly been considered the first Mayor of Boise. Dr. Ephraim Smith was elected and served as mayor from 1866 to 1867. Henry Prickett was the first mayor of the incorporated Boise City.

He died in his sleep on June 14, 1885.

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