Mayor John Lemp

Photo of John Lemp
Photo courtesy of Boise City Department of Arts & History

Born April 21, 1838, Neiderweisel, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany
Died July 18, 1912, Boise, Idaho
(Unmarked, SE corner inside border)

John Lemp arrived in the United States in 1852. He made his way to Idaho in 1863.

Mr. Lemp opened a brewery in the area and was a significant landowner. He was known as a generous giver and was said to have personally paid for the burials of at least 20 area pioneers. He was a great reader of history and was known for his unusual knowledge of historic facts.

He was the president of First National Bank of Idaho for a time. He served as a member of the constitutional convention and was a Boise City Council Member for 20 years. Mr. Lemp served as Mayor of Boise for one year.

He died in 1912 at the age of 74, leaving an estate with an estimated value of $800,000.

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