Mayor Solomon Hasbrouck

Photo of Solomon Hasbrouck
Photo courtesy of The Idaho State Historical Society

Born May 28, 1833, New York
Died September 7, 1906, Boise, Idaho

Solomon Hasbrouck was born on May 28, 1833 in New York. Hasbrouch spent time in California and Idaho as a miner and was elected as County Commissioner in Owyhee County.

Around 1868, he came to Boise and stayed, serving in various government offices, including being the Superintendent of Indian Affairs. He served on the Boise City Council when Thomas Logan was Mayor and was then elected Mayor in 1885.

For the 16 years preceding his death, he was Clerk of the Supreme Court. Hasbrouck died September 7, 1906 at the age of 73 and is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery.

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