Mayor Thomas E. Logan

Photo of Thomas E. Logan
Photo courtesy of The Idaho State Historical Society

Born 1834, New York State
Died April 28, 1894, on a train returning from California (where he’d gone seeking medical treatment) to Boise, Idaho

Thomas E. Logan and his wife, Carolyn Leonard Ray, were married in the early 1860s in Wisconsin. The couple, with their son Leonard and daughter, Caroline, traveled to Boise in 1864. The little girl died 100 miles before they reached their destination. They later brought the child’s body to Pioneer Cemetery for reburial.

Within a month after his arrival, Logan became a partner in the Williams and Logan drugstore. He later formed a partnership with Gustav Bilick in a general store. He was also a stockholder and director of First National Bank of Idaho.

Logan was Boise's first postmaster, 1869-1970 and he was Mayor of Boise from 1876 to 1878.

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