Park Use Policies

Whether you have a reservation or are using a City of Boise facility on a drop-in basis, we hope you have a safe and pleasant experience. On this webpage, you will find our park policies to help guide you during your visit.

Park Hours

Sunrise to sunset unless otherwise posted.

Reservation Cancellation Policy

A refund is only provided if the user is canceling prior to 10 calendar days of the event, at which time a $15 processing fee will be collected. Refunds or rescheduling is not granted due to poor weather conditions or acts of nature. An event cannot be rescheduled within 10 calendar days of the reservation. Park reservation season is from April 15 to October 15.

Park Policies

Park users are required to follow and abide by Idaho State Code, Boise City Ordinances and the Boise Parks and Recreation Park Use Policy. Park policies are posted at restrooms and shelters and are enforced. Violators will be cited. For more information regarding Boise City Code, visit webpage.

Alcohol Use

Unless otherwise posted or stated in Boise City Code, beer and wine is permitted in most parks. All other alcoholic beverages are not permitted, unless the location is a licensed premise or allowed by Boise City Code. Having more than 7.5 gallons of beer and/or wine per person, group, or event requires a permit application to be filled out and a fee to be paid. Alcoholic beverages may only be possessed and consumed by someone 21 years of age and older.

The following areas are not permitted to have beer and/or wine:

  • Any street, parking lot, restroom, pathway, playground, swimming pool, youth community center, skate park, archery range, cemeteries, bike skills facility, or youth sports complex.
  • Bernadine Quinn Riverside Park and Quinn’s Pond
  • Idaho Fallen Firefighter Memorial Park
  • McAuley Park
  • Pioneer Community Center
  • Shoreline Park
  • Boise River Greenbelt, including the area within 250 feet of the Greenbelt.

The following areas are only permitted with a beer/wine permit and a park reservation:

  • Ann Morrison Park Old Timer’s Shelter
  • Boise Depot and Platt Gardens
  • Boise Urban Garden School
  • Borah Park
  • Cecil D Andrus Park
  • C.W. Moore Park
  • Dick Eardley Senior Center
  • Esther Simplot Park
  • Idaho Ice World
  • Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center
  • Julia Davis Park
  • Kathryn Albertson Park
  • Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park(certain sites, not all)
  • Marianne Williams Park Gazebo
  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Willow Lane Athletic Complex

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BBQ Equipment

BBQs and gas grills cannot be placed near any tree trunk or under the branches of any tree. BBQ equipment must include a drip pan and be self-contained.

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Canopy, Tent or Kiosks

Placement requires approval from Boise Parks and Recreation prior to the event. To avoid damage to electrical, irrigation and water lines, canopies must be weighted instead of staked. A permit from the Boise Fire Department is required for tents, canopies, and awnings over 400 square ft.

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Cleanliness is the responsibility of all park users. Please deposit trash in the receptacles provided. If trash receptacles are full, trash is to be removed from the park by the user. Additional fees may be charged for debris or damages to the park.

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Confetti and Decorations

  • Confetti, bird seed, popcorn, rice etc. are not permitted. Bubbles are acceptable.
  • Decorations must be self-supporting or must be tied to the structure.
  • All decorations must be removed at the end of the event

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Dogs or Domestic Pet

  • Unless otherwise posted or stated in Boise City Code, pets are permitted in most parks, but must be on a leash. Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets. Pets should not harass, stalk or chase waterfowl, other animals or humans.

Pets are not permitted in the following areas:

  • BMX park
  • Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park and Quinn’s Pond
  • Esther Simplot Park and Pond
  • Boise Depot and Platt Gardens
  • Cemeteries
  • Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve
  • Marianne Williams Park
  • Veterans Memorial Park Pond
  • Boise City skate parks

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Electrical Power

Electrical power is available with a paid reservation at most sites, except for the Marianne Williams Park Gazebo and Garden reservation sites.

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Fireworks as defined by Boise City Code are prohibited.

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Garden Reservations

  • In order to protect and preserve the nature of these areas, C.W. Moore Plaza, Esther Simplot Friendship Island, Julia Davis Rose Garden and Kathryn Albertson Park are available to reserve for ceremonies only. Up to 10 chairs may be hand carried in and out of garden locations. Chairs must be located on paved or brick surfaces.
  • Photographers and their subjects must remain on manicured turf and paved or brick surfaces

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Glass is not permitted.

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Inflatable structures or other similar apparatus are allowed in Boise parks with a permit application. Inflatable structures that required water are not permitted. Structures must be rented from a city-approved equipment provider and be free standing, weighted, and have a generator for power. A reservation is not required to have an inflatable.

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Vehicles can be parked in designated parking spaces and during park hours. Vehicles parked in non-designated areas and left in the park after hours or overnight may be towed. If a vehicle has been towed, please contact Boise Valley Towing at 208-389-9707.

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Picnic Tables

Do not remove picnic tables from pavilions, shelters and designated picnic sites. For an additional fee, extra tables are available with a reservation at Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, Julia Davis Park and Ann Morrison Park.

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Smoking in the Parks

Per Boise City Code, smoking is not permitted except in designated smoking areas in Ann Morrison and Julia Davis Parks, and at Quail Hollow and Warm Springs Golf Courses.

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Sound Amplification

Sound cannot exceed 62 decibels at a distance of 20 feet except with a permit. Amplified sound is available in some parks and requires a park reservation, a permit application to be filled out and a fee to be paid.

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Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit in Boise parks is 15 MPH.

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Damaging trees on park property is not permitted. This includes attaching signs or related hardware (ropes, wires, nails, etc.) to any tree. It is also not permitted to tie/lock animals or bicycles to trees.

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Vehicles, including concession trailers, delivery and catering trucks, are only allowed on paved roads or parking areas.

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Water amenities such as commercial misters, dunk tanks, water slides, kiddie pools, etc. are not permitted in parks. Depositing ice and any grey or waste water on the grass, sidewalks, in waste receptacles, dumpsters, city planters’, gutters, or in the street drainage system is not permitted.

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Please refrain from feeding or disturbing wildlife in Boise parks.

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