September 2020 Sports Field Use Update

The City of Boise has made the decision to follow the lead of the Boise School District in regard to determining when sports league play will be allowed to resume on city managed fields. The Boise School District is currently in category “red” which prohibits school athletic events from occurring and this likely won’t change until Central District Health recategorizes the Boise School District to category “yellow.”

This unfortunately means that organized league play will not be allowed to occur at City of Boise owned and managed facilities for the time being. There is no way of knowing what the future of this virus holds, so it’s unfortunately impossible for department staff to speculate on when a “green light” will be provided for resuming organized sports league play at City of Boise facilities.

We want to thank league managers for being diligent in working through return to play and safe distancing guidelines and protocols and for providing updates as revisions occur to the Central District Health order. The most current plans submitted to Boise Parks and Recreation are on file with the City of Boise and these plans can still be put to action if teams are conducting sports practices at City of Boise park locations. To reiterate, practices are still allowed on city managed fields, but organized league play and events are not allowed at this time.

Based on teams continuing to practice, Boise Parks and Recreation is also shedding some light on recent confusion around the social gathering order and the number of spectators that can be present during a game or scrimmage on city sports fields.  The city can and will follow all current Central District Health orders and recommendations, or the city can institute a more conservative approach. The City of Boise has decided on a more conservative approach in this case, not allowing any spectators at games or scrimmages occurring on city property until further notice. The city does not have the resources to monitor and enforce spectator numbers or distancing requirements, and as such, the default is to not allow spectators. Exceptions may be granted to partner organizations to allow 10 or fewer spectators if they have an acceptable plan on how the organization will monitor and enforce the 10 spectator limit. This must be outlined through updated return to play and safe distancing guidelines provided to the department. If/when the social gathering order is lifted or updated, city staff will reevaluate the number of spectators that will be allowed to attend games and events. Thank you for your cooperation.

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