Adopt a Tree

An eligible the tree must be established for at least two years and a minimum of 10 inches in diameter.

The diameter of the tree is the measurement of a straight line going from one point on the edge of the tree, through the center, and to another point on the opposite edge of the tree.

Measurement of tree diameter with ruler
tree plaque in tree in park

A tree adoption includes a black, metallic plaque that is attached to the adopted tree. The plaque includes the inscription and the species of the tree.

Plaque example
Tree Memorial Plaque Example


Tree adoptions are not available in the following parks:

  • C.W. Moore Park
  • Charles F. McDevitt Sports Complex
  • Hillside Park
  • Marianne Williams Park
  • Morris Hill Park
  • Optimist Youth Sports Complex
  • Rhodes Skate Park
  • Simplot Sports Complex

Premier Parks

Available trees in premier parks:

  • Ann Morrison Park
  • Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park
  • Esther Simplot Park
  • Julia Davis Park
  • Molenaar Park


The cost of a 20-year tree adoption varies depending on the diameter of the tree.

Neighborhood Park Trees

  • 10 to 20-inch diameter = $575
  • Over 20-inch diameter = $1,150

Premier Park Trees

  • 10 to 20-inch diameter = $1,150
  • Over 20-inch diameter = $2,300

Prices are effective 10/1/2023 through 9/30/2024.

Adoption Process 

  • Payment is required to begin the process.
  • Once payment has been received, an adoption form will be provided.
  • Once the form has been returned, the plaque will be ordered and installed.
  • The process takes approximately 8 weeks from the time payment has been made to the final installation of the plaque or bench. 

To begin the process, please call (208) 608-7600 or email us.

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