Youth Sports Field Use in Light of COVID-19

During Stage 3 of reopening, outdoor youth sports practices will be allowed to resume on city fields with established restrictions and protocols in place to protect coaches, players and all participants due to continued coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns. To resume play on city fields, league directors, coaches and/or governing boards will need to submit a plan of action listing all rules and protocols they will have in place to practice safely for the foreseeable future. These rules and protocols should consider the following city established guidelines:

  • All teams must allow for physical distancing of at least six feet between participants, players, coaches and parents at all times during practices and games. Number of participants and spectators at any practice or game cannot exceed group size requirements.
  • All teams must implement frequent hand washing and sanitizing opportunities into all practices and/or games.
  • Clean all shared use equipment (soccer balls, lacrosse balls etc.) frequently throughout practice and encourage players to clean their equipment before and after use.
  • No handshakes, high fives or other contact is permitted to promote physical distancing.
  • Do not allow shared water bottles or snacks.
  • Teams should discourage carpooling to and from activities.

In addition, leagues and teams are expected to design their safe play protocols to match or exceed the following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Central District Health (CDH). Additional guidance from your professional sport organizations and leagues should also be considered.

CDC- Consideration for Youth Sports

Central District Health- Youth Sports Position Statement

Please submit your health and safety plan via the link below. Be sure to fill out the entire form.

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