Building Boise Updates

Summer 2019

Energy Code Commissioning

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) has provisions in place requiring system commissioning for some mechanical systems and electrical lighting systems in commercial or multi-family buildings. Commissioning ensures proper installation to the design and maximizes energy efficiency, resulting in lower building operation and maintenance costs. The City of Boise is working to better communicate and identify applicable projects that meet the criteria for system commissioning.

Mechanical: Commissioning is required for mechanical systems and service water heating systems that have a total cooling capacity of 480,000 Btu/h or greater and a total combined heating capacity of all water-heating and space heating appliances of 600,000 Btu/h or greater in commercial or multi-family buildings. Systems serving individual dwelling units and sleeping units can be excluded from the total Btu/h.

Electrical: Functional testing commissioning is required for controls of automatic lighting systems in commercial or multi-family buildings per the current adopted IECC. Automatic lighting system controls include occupant sensors, time switch controls and daylight responsive controls.

System commissioning for projects within the City of Boise requires a commissioning plan be submitted with the “308 – IECC System Commissioning Agencies” form along with the other construction documents at the time of review. Prior to issuance of occupancy, a completed and signed preliminary commissioning report is required to be submitted to the City of Boise for review. Commissioning is required to be done by the registered design professional or an approved agency. Further requirements for the commissioning plan and report can be found in the current adopted version of the IECC. A link to reference online versions of the codes can be found here.

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