Neighborhood Planning Update

February 2019

Did you know that the city works with neighborhood residents, businesses, schools, nonprofits and more to create neighborhood plans? Last year the city completed the West Downtown and North West neighborhood plans through ongoing collaboration with community members.

The Neighborhood Planning Program is an opportunity for the city and local neighborhoods to collaborate on the implementation of the city’s Comprehensive Plan, Blueprint Boise.

The neighborhood planning process engages the entire community, including residents, Neighborhood Association members, businesses, schools, nonprofits and many others to develop a shared vision, goals, and projects.

In 2019 the city completed two neighborhood plans, the West Downtown and North West Neighborhood plan. Both plans are expected to be adopted by City Council in the Spring of 2020. Currently, the city is in the process of developing the North End and Sunset Neighborhood Plans.

Neighborhood Data Almanac

To aid in neighborhood planning efforts, the city recently released the Neighborhood Data Almanac, a document that provide at-a-glance facts about residents, households, and the built and natural environment for the geographic boundaries of each of Boise’s registered neighborhood associations.

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Boise's Hyde Park Neighborhood

North End Neighborhood Plan

Recently, the city and the North End Neighborhood began to process to update the 1981 North End Plan.

To date, the City and the North End Neighborhood Planning Committee have received feedback from over 700 stakeholders during the first survey and vision workshop. Participants expressed a strong desire to increase housing options while preserving the historic fabric of the neighborhood, a passion for maintaining and improving the walkability and bikability of the neighborhood, an interest in adopting best practices in neighborhood sustainability, and a desire to encourage more neighborliness.

Three public workshops are planned for the spring, summer, and fall of 2020. Using feedback received from the public workshops and data analysis, the Neighborhood Planning Committee expects to finish the plan in the fall of 2020.

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The Sunset Neighborhood Plan

The Sunset Neighborhood has just begun the process of developing their first ever Neighborhood Plan. Outreach is expected to begin in the early summer of 2020 with the plan to be completed in 2021. Neighbors have expressed a desire to conduct robust outreach to make sure all voices within the neighborhood are represented in the final plan.

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