Spotlight - Scott Flynn of indieDwell

Scott Flynn of indieDwell
Scott Flynn of indieDwell accepts the 2019 Building Excellence Award for Sustainability

“People are our number one value.”

A conversation with Scott Flynn of indieDwell, Inc.

By Wayne Erik Rysavy

As a chemical-environmental engineer, Scott Flynn often wondered if the built environment could better integrate and interact with the natural environment. Though he worked on construction crews for years building docks and helping with other smaller projects, the idea of creating a more equitable balance between the built and natural environments didn’t materialize until he walked the job site of a friend’s home over 15 years ago. It was there, amidst the rough-in structure before him, that he realized he could find an equilibrium between housing and nature, and that this idea could become the beginning of a much larger mission.

Now a renowned builder of Flynner Homes and a founding partner of indieDwell, inc., Flynn has turned his thoughts into reality. In the process he has achieved numerous certifications, including becoming the first custom design and building Certified B Corporation in the world for Flynner Homes as well as obtaining Certified B Corporation status for indieDwell. Flynn and his team have also received two of the city’s Building Excellence Awards for Sustainability largely due to the thoughtful green building designs that are net zero and three-times Energy Star status.

With all of these notable successes, Flynn remains humble and even more resolute in his desire to bring housing and nature into a greater balance. “Helping humanity and helping us evolve our thinking is possible,” Flynn said while discussing indieDwell. Born out of the expansion of Flynner Homes over three years ago, indieDwell is a public benefit corporation that essentially “disrupts” the usual processes of design and construction.

"Our business shows that you can make money and still help people along the way."
Scott Flynn

“Our business shows that you can make money and still help people along the way,” Flynn said enthusiastically. Unlike other companies, indieDwell uses standard industrial shipping containers that are cut and fitted at the factory in Caldwell, Idaho. Finished containers are then carted on a semi-truck to set foundations where they are later installed and welded together, ultimately becoming a new home. By using industrial shipping containers and integrating innovative, modern designs, the company is able to produce a variety of modular homes that are affordable, energy efficient and eco-friendly. And while design and construction of this kind initially costs more up front, Flynn and his team have shown that those costs can be recouped within three to four years after the project is completed.

Additionally, indieDwell also operates on a model where all employees are co-owners of the company. Every employee receives health, dental and vision insurance, and they are also involved in co-shaping the culture. “People are our number one value,” said Flynn. “We talk about our people and our community almost every day because people are at the core of who we are and what we do.”

Looking ahead, Flynn reflects further on the value of people. With an affordable housing development at Windy Court One in Boise, Idaho completed and another group of homes going in at Windy Court Two next month, Flynn is optimistic about the future. “We’ve recently begun working on homeless transitional housing in Los Angeles,” said Flynn. “Helping the under-served is something we’ve really wanted to be involved in as part of our mission.” In addition to these forthcoming projects, Flynn and his team are working on student housing for the College of Idaho in Caldwell, Idaho and ramping up on Windy Court Three, which will be located near the previous Windy Court developments.

“When you touch every person, place and thing as part of the work you do, it makes it a lot easier to get out of bed every morning,” said Flynn. “This is what we talk about as a company: Better mankind, one house at a time.”

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