Solar Energy in Boise

The Library at Bown Crossing building

The City of Boise is committed to more sustainable energy with solar energy as one of the many options that will help improve our energy future. As a part of this commitment, in 2018, the City of Boise has earned a Gold Designation from SolSmart for making solar energy more readily available and cost efficient in the community.

As a result of streamlining the solar installation process, residents, businesses, and solar companies have invested in solar energy. For Fiscal Year 2022, Residential Solar PV Permits totaled 721 permits and are up 57% over last fiscal year. Commercial Solar PV Permits totaled 3 permits and are down 25% over last fiscal year. Total Solar PV Permits totaled 724 permits and are up 56% over last fiscal year.

City Facilities

In addition to the growth of solar energy within the community, the city is dedicated to installing and maintaining solar power at city-owned facilities to create a more energy efficient system within the city. All new city buildings constructed to the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) and LEED standards have solar energy considered with each new building design.

Read the city's official Solar Statement (PDF)

Benefits of Going Solar

City Facilities

Currently, solar energy systems are installed at City Hall West, the Foothills Learning Center, Library! at Bown Crossing, the Boise Airport and the Twenty Mile South Farm Building.

Boise Airport
Building with solar panels on rooftop
Twenty Mile South Farm
Library! at Bown Crossing
Building surrounded by sagebrush
Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center

Benefits of Going Solar

The City of Boise encourages businesses and residents to explore using solar energy by continually working to improve the permitting and process of solar installations. In this effort, the city offers the following incentives interested in integrating solar energy:

  • Expedited reviews for residential solar PV installations (typically 3 days or less) which can be done over the counter
  • New solar PV submittal checklists for applicants in residential and commercial
  • Residential solar PV systems guide
  • Reduced permit fees for solar PV system installations

Interested in going solar?

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