Ending Family Homelessness

As part of his State of the City address, Mayor Dave Bieter announced the Partnership to End Family Homelessness. Through Our Path Home, the public-private partnership consisting of 30+ agencies in Boise City and Ada County, the city is working with others to make sure every family is either in stable housing or working with the Our Path Home team to find it.

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Are You Experiencing Homelessness?

Coordinated Entry

Coordinated Entry is the access point to the homeless services system for Ada County residents who need housing. Over 30 partner agencies in Ada County participate to provide a central location and coordinated response to households experiencing homelessness:

  • Access: one front door to find permanent housing
  • Assessment: one assessment to determine needs and strengths and begin a housing plan
  • Assignment: one list for all of Ada County, designed to serve the most vulnerable first
Coordinated Entry
Idaho Care Line

2-1-1 Idaho CareLine lists over 11,000 resources to find free or low-cost services or resources near you, including rental assistance, energy assistance, medical assistance, food and clothing, child care resources, emergency shelter, and more.

Idaho CareLine

Our Path Home

Our Path Home is the public-private partnership aimed at ending homelessness in Ada County. An end to homelessness means that we prevent it whenever possible and, if it does occur, the episode is rare, brief, and one-time.

End homelessness in Ada County.

Rapidly and appropriately respond to meet the needs of anyone experiencing a housing crisis. Identify and serve high-risk households to prevent housing crises from occurring.


  • Collaborative. Our partnerships are structured and purposeful. We recognize no one agency can do this alone.
  • People First. We put the client first and tailor services to provide the mix of resources needed to secure and maintain housing.
  • Intentional. We are Housing First-oriented, trauma-informed, and data-driven.
  • Nimble. We are constantly learning and then adapting to what we learn.


Our Path Home is governed by the Executive Committee - a strategic planning body that is responsible for ensuring it meets federal standards and local needs. Several committees and working groups support the Executive Committee’s efforts.

Our Path Home has four strategic initiatives and five main programs to serve people experiencing homelessness in Ada County or those at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Strategic Initiatives

Our Path Home will undertake four primary initiatives from 2019-2025.

Mature Our Path Home

  • Better enable Our Path Home to make data-driven decisions and leverage local attributes and resources.
  • Provide meaningful shared learning opportunities to strengthen case management and support frontline, client-facing staff.
  • Strengthen relationships between and among Our Path Home partners and continue to shift into areas of expertise.
  • Educate and advocate for policies that support systemic change.

End family homelessness

  • Achieve functional zero for families experiencing literal homelessness by 2025. ***Functional zero means that families accessing the system through coordinated entry are referred to a program and enter the housing search process within 30 days of assessment.

Reduce first-time homelessness

  • Reduce the number of households experiencing homelessness for the first time by 50% by 2025. Through the first quarter of 2019, 88% of entries into the Continuum’s Homeless Management Information System are clients experiencing homelessness for the first time.
  • Stabilize those at risk of homelessness by implementing intentional diversion and prevention strategies and thereby ensure the highest-risk households are identified and served.

Evolve supportive housing

  • Continue to create supportive housing inventory.
  • Pursue the use of Medicaid dollars as a resource to fund support services.
  • Ensure the right set and right dose of support services.
  • Pilot a move-on strategy.


Prevention keeps people housed. Our Path Home's prevention program provides financial assistance (such as rental or utility assistance), support services, and referrals to other community resources. Prevention strategies also include discharge policies (from hospitals and jails), tenant-landlord mediation, family mediation, housing counseling, and legal assistance, among others.

Street Outreach builds rapport and develops relationships with people experiencing unsheltered homelessness and living on the street to connect them to the supports they need to access shelter, services, and housing.

Emergency Shelter is intended to provide a safe place to stay for persons facing a housing crisis who would otherwise be living on the street. Entry into shelter is low barrier and anti-discriminatory and services provided focus on whatever is needed to secure housing.

Coordinated Entry is the access point to the homeless services system and the available community resources to resolve a household’s housing crisis. 30+ homeless service providers who have agreed to use one prioritized list to serve our most vulnerable neighbors. Coordinated entry serves those people accessing emergency shelter or living on the street.

Supportive Housing programs provide the support needed to get and keep housing. These programs may offer financial assistance and support services for varying periods of time depending on the needs of the household to gain and maintain stability and never experience homelessness again.

Our Path Home Committees

Find committee meeting agendas, minutes and more.

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New Path Community Housing

On November 29, 2018, New Path Community Housing – Idaho’s first site-based permanent supportive housing development – opened its doors to 45 community members experiencing chronic homelessness.

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Valor Pointe

This 27-unit apartment complex offering health care, mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment is set to open its doors to our community’s most vulnerable veterans in 2020. 

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Point-in-Time Count

A one-night Point-in-Time count of persons experiencing homelessness during the last ten days of January.

Point-in-Time Count
Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

This system provides an unduplicated count of persons experiencing homelessness in Ada County. HMIS is used to coordinate care, for evaluation and research to improve our homeless services system response, and for functions related to payment, reimbursement, and administration.

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