Tenant Protections Package

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In recent years, the Boise housing market has become competitive. With this in mind, housing stability and housing access is more important than everCommunity members and groups who work closely with tenants have raised concerns that span a range of issues, from seniors who have seen their rents rise while their incomes stay fixed, to tenants whose historically affordable homes are being replaced by new units they can’t afford.

To address these concerns and support residents in our community, city staff presented a package of tenant protections to the Mayor and Boise City Council. Before moving forward with additional actions, the city conducted outreach and a survey to hear from impacted residents directly.

See more below on the process to update our tenant protections and see how you can get involved.

Tenant Protections Package

This section outlines the concerns that were prioritized to update Tenant Protections.

Overview of Tenant Protections

  • Prohibiting retaliatory conduct
  • Notice of tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Prohibiting source of income discrimination
  • Relocation assistance

Prohibiting Retaliatory Conduct

Goal: Tenants can request repairs and raise safety concerns without fear of retaliation.

Would state that renters are able to do the following without fear of retaliation:

  • Raise concerns about a potential violation of a building, safety, or health code
  • Make repair requests
  • Become a member of a community resident association; and
  • Retain counsel

Notice of tenant rights and responsibilities

Goal: All parties know their rights and responsibilities when entering a landlord/tenant relationship.

Would require that landlords provide new tenants with a notice of landlord and tenant responsibilities, which would be a document that lays out existing legal protections, requirements, and resources for landlords and tenants.

  • Notice requirements for rent increases, nonrenewal of leases
  • Requesting and making repairs
  • Security deposit return
  • Discrimination protections
  • Responsibility to maintain dwelling
  • Fees

Prohibiting source of income discrimination

Goal: Prospective tenants who meet a landlord's rental criteria can secure housing, regardless of their source of income.

Would prohibit discrimination based on a potential tenant's lawful, verifiable source of income, including:

  • Those who receive income in the form of child support
  • Retirees who pay for their housing costs using their savings
  • Those who use public, private, or nonprofit benefits, including Section 8 vouchers to pay their rent

Relocation Assistance

Goal: Tenants receive assistance when they are being displaced due to a landlord's decision to demolish, substantially renovate, or change the use of the building.

Potential forms of relocation assistance for consideration include:

  • Additional notice
  • Financial assistance
  • Assistance with housing search
  • Full security deposit return

Draft Ordinances

Based on feedback from the community and at the direction of City Council, the city has drafted changes to the Tenant Protections Title 5 Chapter 15 and added Chapter 17. Review the proposed changes.

Chapter 15

Chapter 17

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