Bonds and Mylars

Bonding and Mylar Application

Bond processing is by appointment only. Please call 208-608-7100 to schedule an appointment, please ask for Brittany Hill.

*As of January 2023, Bond Replacements are no longer allowed* Bonds must meet all requirements before release, a partial release cannot be done. If there are multiple items on a bond you are welcome to break them out into individual bonds, please note that each bond will have the $330.75 processing fee.

If bids have been approved and bond is not paid, signed and recorded with in the first 6 months of approval the bond case will be nulled and new bids, along with a new review must be completed.

Applicants must complete or bond for all required items (as identified in the ‘Final Plat Mylar App. Submittal Requirements’ document) before Mylar submittal. With the exception of CC&Rs (which must be preapproved by the city), documents and/or Mylar will not be accepted until the bond has been approved, paid/signed for, and recorded.

Mylar reviews are two-four weeks on first review. Once completed, the applicant will be notified on the following processes.

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