Comprehensive Planning

Boise's Comprehensive Planning division provides long-range, transportation and neighborhood planning as well as policy analysis through the preparation, maintenance and administration of the Comprehensive Plan. They also conduct special planning studies as requested by the City Council and sit on a wide variety of boards and committees.

The Comprehensive Planning division collaborates with neighborhood associations, the Community Planning Association (COMPASS), Ada County, Ada County Highway District, Valley Regional Transit, Idaho Transportation District, the Division of Environmental Quality, Chamber of Commerce, school districts and others in preparing demographic projections, traffic studies and other analysis.

Boise's Comprehensive Plan

Blueprint Boise is the city’s comprehensive guide to managing growth for the next 20 years. It includes a land use map depicting the expected type and location of future development in the city. The land use map works in conjunction with zoning to direct development to appropriate locations and in desirable amounts. It also depicts areas that the city expects to annex over time.

  • The Comprehensive Plan's chapters address policies in detail. The chapters include a variety of maps which show the distribution of schools, parks, fire stations, sewer lines, historic districts etc.
  • Comprehensive Plan policies are implemented through zoning, project review, capital improvement programming and/or budgeting, and a variety of other means.
  • The Comprehensive Plan was prepared over a four-year period with extensive citizen input and review and was adopted by the City Council in November 2011.
  • The city reviews the plan at the end of each year to determine whether conditions in the community or the desires of the citizens have changed enough to warrant revision of the plan.

Blueprint Boise

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