Table Rock Gate Construction

What's Going On?

In late December, construction of a new automated vehicle gate on Table Rock Road near Alto Via Court will begin. Construction of the gate is expected to take approximately a month and consists of concrete work, utility work, and gate installation. Given the localized area, there are no environmental impacts with the installation of this gate.

A photocell controls the new gate, and, once completed, it will help ensure that the upper part of Table Rock is secure after sundown when the area is closed to the public. This new gate will also promote greater personal safety and fire safety in the area where fire, vandalism, and minor personal accidents have occurred.

Sign posed on Table Rock Road about open hours

More Details

The upper part of Table Rock is managed by the State of Idaho (Idaho State Historical Society). Neither the City of Boise nor its residents manage access.

The City of Boise, Ada County, the State of Idaho and other private property owners in the vicinity of Table Rock Mesa have expended significant resources to respond to emergencies and other illegal activities occurring in the Table Rock Mesa area, typically at night.

To help curtail illegal nighttime activities and provide relief to local law enforcement and emergency responders, the gate was authorized under Boise City Council Resolution RES-517-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is construction expected to last?

Approximately a month. The gate is anticipated to be operational by January 2021. Check back later for updates on the construction schedule.

Is this gate replacing the gate at Table Rock?

No. The proposed gate dose not replace (and is in addition to) other gates currently located up the hill.

How will this affect access to Table Rock?

The gate is anticipated to open during the day and closed at night, when the area is closed to the public. Visitors who accessed Table Rock by car and who are in the area after sundown will be able to exit, but entry by car will not be allowed after sundown.

Property owners, emergency responders and public agencies requiring nighttime access through the gate will be granted access permissions.

Once the new gate is installed, is pedestrian or bicycle access to Table Rock Road restricted?

No, only vehicle access to Table Rock Road is restricted by the gate.

Table Rock Mesa is located on public property.  Why am I restricted from accessing it by vehicle at night?

Although Table Rock Mesa is located on public property, it is illegal to access the site between sunset and sunrise. Violators will be prosecuted for trespassing under Idaho Code 18-7008.

What are the features of the new gate?

The gate arms are controlled by a photocell that will allow entry during the day and will restrict access at night. The specific time of closure and opening will be impacted by ambient light levels, which change with the weather and seasonally. Between sunrise and sunset, the gate should remain open to all modes of travel.

The gate will have additional overhead lighting and camera surveillance. 

Additionally, the new area will feature a vehicle turnaround area below the gate. Parking will be prohibited in the turnaround area and around the site of the new gate.

If the gate closes while I am visiting Table Rock Mesa or other areas above the gate, how do I get out?

The downhill gate will automatically open for vehicles to exit.  Pull forward slowly to activate the gate.

I am a property owner or tenant above the new gate.  How will I get to my property if the gate is closed?

All registered property owners will be provided with an entry code and/or in-vehicle gate opener to provide access through the closed gate. If you have not received your code, please call (208) 608-7100.

What should I do if I arrive at the gate and it is malfunctioning?

Please use your mobile phone to call the technical support phone number listed on a sign at the gate kiosk. It may take up to 2 hours for on-site technical support to fix any gate malfunction. For emergencies, dial 911.  For other non-emergency issues, please call the county’s non-emergency dispatch at (208) 377-6790.

Where can I park to access Table Rock?

Parking is available in the Old Idaho Penitentiary parking lot located at 2445 Old Penitentiary Road.

Parking is available in a designated trailhead gravel parking lot next to Warm Springs Golf Course at 2495 Warm Springs Avenue. (Follow signage to lot). Total of 16 spots available including 1 accessible spot. Lot provides access to Mesa Reserve Trailhead (Tram Trail #14).

Can I look up property owner names and phone numbers at the gate entry kiosk?

To protect the privacy of property owners above the gate, visitors to the gate are not able to look up property owner names or contact information at the gate kiosk.

Where can I get more information on this project?

You can contact us using the contact form below or call (208) 608-7100.

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