Historic Preservation Guidelines

Residential Guidelines

The Design Guidelines for Residential Historic Districts (DGRHD) encourage a goal of quality development in Boise’s historic districts. Homeowners can accomplish this goal through alterations and new construction which are congruous (harmonious) with the character of the neighborhood. Design principles embodied in these Guidelines should encourage creative solutions that will enhance the character of a neighborhood. These Guidelines incorporate prior guidelines that covered alterations and modifications and introduce design parameters for new construction.

Residential Guidelines

Commercial Guidelines

The Design Guidelines for Commercial Historic Districts clarify requirements for property owners and design professionals, and suggest techniques to preserve and enhance the historic district’s qualities with regard to today’s cultural standards. The Guidelines provide a basis for making informed, consistent decisions about proposed new construction and building or site alterations. When used in conjunction with City staff consultation, the Guidelines can benchmark early stages of project conception and design, and help prevent delays and minimize added costs to developers and builders.

Commercial guidelines

The Purpose of these Guidelines is to:

  • Define characteristics of each district and identify the Contributing and Noncontributing Structures.
  • Provide citizens, and other interested parties with information and guidelines on the appropriate treatment of properties within the districts and direction for compatible new construction.
  • Provide clarity in the application of the Secretary of Interior’s
    standards for historic properties.
  • Provide information about the basic principles of historic preservation and urban design to create an environment that is scaled to the pedestrian, maintains cohesive neighborhood identity and respects the unique settings of Boise commercial historic districts.
  • Provide a framework for decision-making for the Historic Preservation Commission.
  • Identify additional resources to accomplish appropriate rehabilitation, additions and new construction within the districts.

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