Citywide Advisory Committee

The Citywide Advisory Committee was comprised of 20 residents of Boise who represented a dynamic group of community members across cultural backgrounds, genders, and technical and personal experiences. The group was also geographically representative of the city’s planning areas.

This committee served as a sounding board for ideas and questions raised throughout the Zoning Code Rewrite process. Members reviewed the draft zoning code updates and offered feedback that helped guide the direction of the new zoning code the city hopes to adopt at the end of the process. Opinions expressed by committee members were shared with the city’s elected and appointed officials. However, committee members did not vote or have veto power over proposed revisions recommended by city staff or the Project Management Team.

Committee Members

Jessica Aguilar

Jessica Aguilar is the Vice President of Corporate Real Estate and Construction for D.L. Evans Bank. She is responsible for land acquisitions, design/construction, and facility management of the D.L. Evans Bank's facilities. She is a Boise State University alumna. Jessica is a member of the City of Boise Design Review Committee and a Board Member of the Bogus Basin Recreation Association. In her free time, Jessica enjoys traveling, camping, and skiing at Bogus Basin.

Drew Alexander

Drew's career has revolved around planning for communities, cities, and now universities. After growing up in a small Midwest town, he traveled west, and Boise has been home for nearly ten years. He currently works for Boise State University, helping with capital planning and campus development.

Ester Ceja

Ester Ceja is a native Idahoan who has spent the better part of her professional career in the environmental field and, more recently, as a civil rights practitioner. She holds a Master of Public Administration from Boise State University. She is actively involved in the Boise community for the past two decades.

Roberta D'Amico

Roberta arrived in SE Boise over 20 years ago, having moved here from Florida. Her passion for natural and historic landscapes led her to a 35-year career with the National Park Service. She worked in natural and cultural resource management, land management planning, education, community outreach, and proactive communications. Since retiring, she's channeled her professional skills into volunteer activities, community involvement, and visiting new and old friends. She believes that by working together, we can build a better community for all.

Andy Erstad

Having grown up in this great city, Andy believes in being involved, giving back, and being part of positive change. As an architect, he sat for 12.5 years on the Design Review Committee, helping update and expand the city's guidelines elevating design standards. In addition to other city appointments, he is excited to help with the Zoning Code Rewrite.

Byron Folwell

Byron is an architect, public artist, and preservationist practicing in his hometown of Boise, Idaho. He has worked on various private and public projects, including commercial, multi-family, educational, civil, and cultural facilities—most recently, the James Castle House in Boise. He focuses on affordable housing solutions and the integration of those solutions to build better neighborhoods and towns. Through his design firm, he also works with cultural groups to expand Idaho's collective history through integrated exhibit design, preservation of historic structures, and community building programs. He is a member of the AIA, Preservation Idaho, and Idaho Modern. He lives in the Morris Hill neighborhood with his wife, two children, two cats, and many books.

Frances Fujii

Frances has dedicated her professional life to supporting and allowing individuals, groups, and organizations to be the very best they can be. She also enjoys nature and the wonderful outdoor experiences that Boise offers. She is determined to bring her professional and personal experiences to the Citywide Advisory Committee to make Boise a vibrant and thriving community for years to come.

Marisa Stevens Keith

Marisa was raised in the Treasure Valley and is now, along with her husband, raising her family here. She is a 20-year practicing social worker and is the president of the Southwest Ada County Alliance Neighborhood Association. She sat on Mayor McLean's transition committee for "Engaging Everyone" and is an active volunteer in her community.

Richard Llewellyn

Richard grew up in farm country along Hill Road in the 1970s and 80s, spent a year in Ecuador as a high school exchange student, then lived in the Pacific NW while working as a forester. He eventually earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry at UCLA after a stint at the World Health Organization in Lyon, France, where he researched the relationship between the environment, genetics, and breast cancer. He currently serves as the president of the North West Neighborhood Association. He is concerned with finding a way for communities on the edge of the growing city to retain their traditional connections to neighbors and the natural landscape. His primary concern with amending the Zoning Ordinance is to ensure that Boise does not give up its legal power to negotiate for the public good in exchange for higher densities.

Daniel Malarkey

Daniel Malarkey is a Senior Fellow at the Sightline Institute, where he thinks and writes about sustainable transportation and clean energy policy in the Pacific Northwest. He's had leadership positions at and with several clean energy startups, including as CEO of his own biodiesel company. In the four years after the Great Recession, he worked as deputy of Washington's state commerce department, where he oversaw the energy office and scores of other programs to improve communities and human welfare. He lives in Boise's Depot Bench neighborhood and is a proud graduate of Bishop Kelly High School, the University of Oregon, and the Harvard Kennedy School.

Ian McLaughlin

Ian McLaughlin is an Architect with Pivot North Architecture in Boise. With projects including single-family residences, historic renovations, and mixed-use buildings, he is interested in creating various housing types. Ian's previous work in the mountain west and east coast has given him experience working with different cities' zoning codes. His intent in joining the CAC for the Zoning Rewrite is to use this opportunity to promote thoughtful, sustainable growth while maintaining what makes Boise unique.

Brad L. Nielsen

Brad is a Boise native of 54 years, who enjoys restoring and racing old cars. He is a proud father of two daughters who recently graduated from college. He has worked in Structural Engineering for 25 years and has designed everything from bridges to stadiums. Brad is interested in bringing his experience and love of Boise to this committee. He is particularly interested in looking at ways to more effectively manage Boise's growth while seeking to preserve the city's quality of life. He is also keenly interested in road development and traffic impact.

Shellan M. Rodriguez

Shellan and her family moved to Boise in 2008 to enjoy the mountains and rivers while making a living. She brings over 15 years of experience working in affordable housing development and urban redevelopment throughout the west, including Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and California. She currently owns a small firm focused on affordable housing development and works with public and private sector clients to create solutions to housing and redevelopment needs. She aims to be pragmatic and enjoys solving problems.

Patrick Spoutz

Patrick is a pharmacist who works with the Veterans Affairs Health Administration. Seeing the cost of housing rise motivated him to become involved in efforts to increase housing affordability. He is inspired to identify the best practices in this area from around the country or world and support their implementation locally to improve housing affordability.

Chris VanderStouwe

Dr. Chris VanderStouwe (he/him) is a linguistic anthropologist who serves as a Lecturer in Linguistics and Gender Studies at Boise State University. His research and teaching focus on language and identity. His experiences as a lifelong renter and public transit user/advocate help him share the importance of how transit and rental community members are affected by zoning. He is also interested in the role of the zoning code on education both at the K-12 and university levels.

Hilary Vaughn

Hilary is a land-use attorney in Boise, Idaho, specializing in real estate matters of all shapes and sizes. She has shared her knowledge and innovative ideas outside of her profession by volunteering her time as a former City of Boise Design Review Committee member and being an active and current member of the Urban Land Institute and the Idaho State Bar.

Damon Woods

Damon Woods has lived most of his 32 years in Boise and currently resides in the older suburbs of west Boise, where he takes his dog on morning walks through Winstead Park. Dr. Woods works downtown as an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Idaho's Integrated Design Lab (IDL). He is a licensed mechanical engineer. He earned his B.S. from Montana State University, his M.S. from BSU, and his Ph.D. from U of I. Damon's research focus is on how design choices affect energy bills and occupant comfort.

Benjamin Zamzow

Ben is a fourth-generation Idahoan who lives with his wife and two children in Boise's North End. Ben is the Chief Operating Officer of Rocky Mountain Companies, a full service commercial real estate development company developing in the Treasure Valley since 1995.

Kelley Tagg

Kelley has lived in the West Downtown Neighborhood for 22 years. She was a co-founder of the Neighborhood Association and has been an active participant for many years. Kelley was on the WDNA Neighborhood Plan Committee and the plan was approved by Boise City Council in December of 2020. Kelley has an in-depth understanding of the unique benefits and challenges of living in a transitional neighborhood near the downtown core through personal experience and involvement with a variety of neighborhood initiatives. Her focus will be on writing zoning code with the goal conserving the character of neighborhoods like hers as well as bringing in new, innovative developments that increase livability, sustainability, and mobility.

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