Community Oriented Policing Philosophy

BPD Liaisons

Each of BPD’s Liaison Officers work to break down barriers and build trust-based relationships with the communities they serve. The Liaison Officer is available for direct reporting of crimes and incidents. They assist with ongoing investigations as needed and attend special events. Liaison Officers also train other members of the department and community members on the unique sensitivities involving the communities they serve. BPD has a full time Refugee Liaison Officer as well as officers whose ancillary duties include being the Hispanic Liaison, LGBTQ Liaison and the NAACP Liaison.

Chief’s Community Advisory Panel (CCAP)

As part of the Boise Police Department’s commitment to a community policing model, BPD formed the CCAP. The panel is comprised of a diverse cross-section of 12 community activists, business leaders and citizens representing interests in Boise and the surrounding area. Its mission is to promote public input into the formation of strategies, improvement of public awareness and building of public trust. Panel discussions will allow the Department to engage and collaborate with the community in a comprehensive manner. To date, the CCAP has provided input on several policies including the Mobile Field Force Program, Drone Program, Use of Force and Opioid Crisis Response.

WRAP Restraining Device

In 2019, BPD began using the WRAP restraining device as a safer method of immobilizing non-cooperative subjects needing restraint beyond the simple use of handcuffs to control them when placed in custody. The device is used to restrict a subject’s ability to kick or do harm to oneself or others. Once applied, it places the individual in an upright sitting position, removing any possible risk of respiratory impairment associated with the being in the prone position. This system is utilized in a very small percentage of custodial situations and has proven very effective in reducing injury to officers and subjects in custody. It is a welcome alternative to placing subjects in full-restraints using a combination of handcuffs and hobbles.

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