Corporal Kevin Holtry

Police officer

On November 11, 2016 patrol officers contained a dangerous fugitive inside a perimeter set in a residential neighborhood.  The fugitive was wanted for a shooting and was known to be armed and extremely dangerous.  Corporal Holtry and other members of the Special Operations Unit responded to the scene and began conducting a yard to yard search for the fugitive.  The fugitive was in fact found to be armed with a handgun and lying in wait to ambush officers.  Once found by Corporals Holtry and Davis, the fugitive opened fire in an attempt to kill the officers.  During the ensuing gunfight, Corporal Holtry was shot and left paralyzed and defenseless on the ground. Corporal Davis sustained a gunshot wound to his upper leg and K9 Jardo sustained mortal gunshot wounds.

In the aftermath of this horrible event, Corporal Kevin Holtry has represented BPD and our community in an exceptional manner.  He has been a tremendous example of what it means to face adversity with honor and perseverance.  While fighting back from life-threatening injuries and overcoming the enormous physical and mental challenges of recovery, he has given life to the core ideals of what it means to be a Boise Police Officer.  Cpl. Holtry has shown determination in the face of overwhelming trauma, the courage to face challenges few could ever contemplate while setting the example of how to persevere and in doing so become a symbol for every Police Officer of what it means to serve with honor.  For his unconquerable will, steadfast dedication to Law Enforcement and his devotion in giving of himself to inspire others, Cpl. Kevin Holtry is hereby awarded the Medal of Honor.

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