Detective Brian Holland

Police Officer

On November 11, 2016, officers pursued an armed fugitive into a residential neighborhood. The team conducted a yard to yard search, while the suspect was lying in wait. As officers approached, the suspect ambushed them ─ wounding Corporal Davis, Corporal Holtry and K-9 Jardo.

Upon hearing the gunfire, Detective Holland left his position of cover and ran toward the gunfight. He placed himself between Corporal Davis, who had been shot, and the suspect. Detective Holland engaged the suspect and subsequently assisted with securing him. After neutralizing the suspect, he provided lifesaving medical treatment to Corporal Holtry.

Detective Holland conducted his actions with full knowledge of the high likelihood of his own death and without regard for his personal safety. For his exceptional act of bravery, Detective Brian Holland is awarded a Boise Police Department Medal of Honor.

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