Boise Police Recognizes Recent Promotions & Awards

On Wednesday, November 6, the Boise Police Department proudly recognized our newly promoted officers in a ceremony at City Hall West. Boise City Council member Lisa Sánchez administered the official Oath of Office to each officer pinning on a new badge.

Congratulations to:

  • Deputy Chief Ron Winegar
  • Captain Matt Jones
  • Lieutenant Tom Fleming
  • Lieutenant Corey Smith
  • Lieutenant Matt Bryngelson
  • Lieutenant Josiah Ransom
  • Lieutenant John Tucker
  • Sergeant Chris Davis
  • Sergeant Terry Weir

The Boise Police Department is also proud to recognize Corporal Steve Schneider with the Meritorious Action Award and Corporal Tim Beaudoin with the Lifesaving Award.

Two men shaking hands

Corporal Steve Schneider | Meritorious Action Award

Corporal Steve Schneider was awarded for his action on March 7, 2019.  Corporal Steve Schneider and his then-trainee, John Jayne, responded to a suicidal subject with a gun.  While coordinating resources and setting a perimeter at the scene, the female subject unexpectedly came out of her hotel room with the weapon in her hand, forcing the officers to engage somewhat prematurely with her in dialogue to convince her to drop the weapon. This lengthy conversation between Corporal Schneider and the female was remarkable as Schneider quickly began to build a rapport with the female.  He demonstrated compassion, caring, understanding and professionalism during an extremely tense situation. Not only did he eventually get her to put down her weapon, Steve continued to demonstrate caring and compassion as they found a way to get her out of the motel which did not expose her to humiliation or shame as they took her to the hospital for treatment.  For going above and beyond the call of duty during and after this life-threatening incident, Corporal Schneider is recognized with the Meritorious Action Award.

Police officers posing behind lectern

Corporal Tim Beaudoin | Lifesaving Award

Corporal Tim Beaudoin was awarded for his actions while off-duty on August 15th, 2019.  Corporal Beaudoin was participating in a private physical therapy session at the Boise State University Aquatics Center. During this time, a male subject was observed unconscious and laying at the bottom of the swimming pool. Although off-duty, Officer Beaudoin quickly responded to the area of the pool where the man was drowning. Officer Beaudoin “self-activated” by advising the lifeguards that he is a Boise Police Officer and then told one of the lifeguards to call 911. In the meantime, Officer Beaudoin helped the other lifeguard pull the man from the pool and onto the deck. Officer Beaudoin began chest compressions while the lifeguard provided rescue breaths. Moments later, an AED was brought to the scene but could not be used due to the amount of water on the pool deck. Recognizing this, Officer Beaudoin suggested they move the man to an area where the deck was dry. Officer Beaudoin helped carry the man to a dry portion of the deck where he resumed CPR efforts. Eventually, the paramedics arrived, and a heart rhythm was established. He was then transported to St. Alphonsus hospital for further treatment. The man’s life was undoubtedly saved due to the heroic lifesaving measures taken by Officer Beaudoin and the life guards on scene. For his lifesaving actions, Corporal Beaudoin is recognized with a Lifesaving Award.

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