Officer Commendation or Complaint

Filing a Commendation or Complaint

The Boise Police Department is committed to providing quality, responsive service in its efforts to work in partnership with the community to improve the quality of life in Boise.

We encourage your feedback as we strive to maintain our high standards, and welcome your recommendations about the service we provide, your commendations of police employee performance, or your complaints about the actions of any department member. To file a commendation or complaint, please fill out the form below or call (208) 570-6160.

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What happens when I submit a complaint?

They are reviewed by The Office of Internal Affairs (OIA). The primary function of OIA is the receipt and assignment of complaints received from citizens regarding the actions of Boise Police employees. Complaints received by OIA, are normally investigated by one of two investigators. The findings from the investigations are reported back to the complaining citizen and the accused employee(s).

The Office of Internal Affairs is established independent from other divisions within the Boise Police Department. The Office of Internal Affairs (OIA) is headed by a police captain, who reports directly to the Chief of Police. OIA is also staffed by two non-sworn investigators and one law enforcement technician, who is responsible for administrative functions.

The Mission of the Office of Internal Affairs is to protect the public, the employee and the department through fair, thorough and proactive investigations of alleged misconduct. This mission is intended to accomplish three objectives:

Protection of the Public

By identifying and effecting corrective action of police department personnel and changing procedures that negatively affect the quality of life in the City of Boise.

Protection of the Department

By taking appropriate action so that misconduct of a few will not detract from the overall reputation of the Boise Police Department.

Protection of the Employee

Against false or malicious allegations of misconduct by ensuring fairness and accuracy in all investigations.

Additional OIA responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring investigations initiated by the department independently of an outside complaint. Such investigations are categorized as department initiated and are conducted in the same manner as a citizen complaint.
  • Risk management functions within the department. In this role, OIA also assists the city legal department in preparation of defense for a litigation brought against police employees from actions related to their duties.
  • Tracking other department activities, including use of force, employee injuries, employee traffic accidents, vehicle pursuits and damage or loss of private or city owned property.


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