Boise Police Department Wages and Benefits

The Boise Police Department offers competitive wages and an excellent benefits package for incoming recruits.

This is a department where you can have multiple careers all while still working for BPD and there are numerous opportunities for promotion and specialty assignments.

You can see the complete wages and benefits for new hires, specialties and more laid out in current BPD Union Contract.

Download Union Contract (PDF)

As part of the contract, incoming lateral officers are eligible to receive half time credit for years of service up to 14 years.   For example, an incoming lateral officer with 10 years of experience would be hired at the PO-5 level.

PAY GRADE10/01/202210/01/2023
Sergeant - 20$56.92$60.34
Sergeant - 15$54.77$58.06
Sergeant - 10$53.34$56.54
PO-20 Corporal$51.29$54.37
PO-15 Corporal$48.05$50.93

*Step progression requires active compliance with BPD training standards.

Regular Pay and Benefits

  • Shift Differential: 3% for swing shift and 5% for night shift
  • Field Training Officer: 5% all the time 5% additional when you have a trainee
  • Detective: 2.75% incentive pay
  • State POST Certification Pay
  • On Call/Call-Out Pay
  • 480-hour comp bank with annual buy down to 240 hours
  • Department issues all safety equipment plus provides $1,200 for additional uniform expenses
  • $480 for uniform cleaning annually
  • $350 for major equipment purchases annually

Retirement Benefits

  • Boise City contributes 6.2% of the member’s biweekly composite wage to the Boise Police Officers 457 Deferred Compensation Plan irrespective of the member’s contribution
  • Boise City will contribute one percent (1%) of the member’s annual base salary into their HRA-VEBA
  • Unused sick time can be converted to your HRA-VEBA
  • Post-retirement health plans are provided through the Police and Fire trust

Healthcare Benefits

  • Boise Fire & Police Trust offers one of the nation’s best healthcare packages
  • Out of pocket cost for total healthcare coverage for you and your family range from $20-$80 per month.
  • Coverage includes preventative care such as massage, acupuncture and chiropractic
  • Police Contract Health Benefits | My Benefits
    • The trust provides hospital, medical, surgical, dental, vision and prescription drug benefits for eligible employees, retirees and their dependents in Boise fire and police departments.

Other Benefits

  • Vacation/Bereavement/Sick/Comp Leave
  • Paid extra for working holidays
  • Depending on assignment, you can choose to work 4/10’s or 5/8’s.

Download Union Contract (PDF)

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