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Boise Police Chief William Bones retired on October 25th.  Former BPD Chief Mike Masterson will serve as Interim Chief while the City conducts a nationwide search for a new Police Chief.

Chief masterson

I’m excited to return as Interim Police Chief while the City searches for a permanent successor. Having done this work for 38 years it was fairly easy to step back into this important role. After a week on the job, listening and learning, I have identified two priorities for the few months. Please keep in mind the department has many priorities but these two have my attention.

First, I have the highest regard for the 400 men and women of the department and how they lead, serve and protect our community. As the agency’s top leader, I have always believe in working with and listening to these dedicated professionals on the best ways to improve the quality of service we provide to you – our citizens. I will be strengthening “employee engagement” and learning their ideas by attending briefings, dropping by their offices and joining them on ride-alongs. The premise is simple – as Gandhi once said, “Take care of the means and the end will take care of itself.”

My second priority is traffic. I’ve had the unique opportunity to see traffic movement, enforcement and safety through the eyes of a citizen for the last four years. I get frustrated, just as you do, when I see motorists blatantly run a red light, become agitated when a slower moving vehicle doesn’t get out of their way, or hearing about another news story that’s resulted in a pedestrian or bicyclist’s death. We’ve already started the process to have a comprehensive plan in place by early next year that will begin the long-term process of addressing traffic safety in our community. While police can’t do much about traffic congestion, we can and will address bad driving behaviors that jeopardize the safety of other users of our roads.

We are identifying the stakeholders and community partners needed to be involved in the process, then move quickly forward in developing a strategy to include education, enforcement and engineering. I’ve always believed in a philosophy where government educates first and regulates when necessary. We will do the education but you can be assured we will also follow through with enforcement as well. While police can’t solve the congestion problem, we should be and will be responsible for making our roads safer for all users.

The Boise Police Department’s mission is to lead, serve and protect our community a safer tomorrow. We have a rich history of creating safer tomorrow’s from improving the safety and enjoyability of floating the Boise River, to having a safer downtown. I see the same result with traffic safety. And, although I may not see the real project completed as Police Chief, I hope to see the benefits of driving on safer streets as a citizen. Working together has and always will produce the best results and I look forward to your comments, concerns and suggestions as we seek to accomplish that goal.


Interim Chief Mike Masterson

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