Boise's Energy Future

Our Plan for 100% Clean Electricity by 2035

Charting a Course for our Energy Future

The Boise City Council adopted a goal of 100% citywide clean electricity by 2035. The electricity goal, as well as goals around natural gas and geothermal energy are part of an initiative called Boise’s Energy Future. The initiative focuses on achieving clean electricity and efficiency actions for the entire city.

The plan was guided by City of Boise staff and a stakeholder group of community organizations and businesses, including local utilities. The plan was developed with extensive public outreach, including a citywide survey in partnership with Boise State University. Highlights from the survey found that 77% of polled citizens either strongly or somewhat agreeing with the city’s effort to establish goals to reduce energy use and transition to clean electricity.

The plan also details six actionable electricity strategies with practical actions that demonstrate a cost-effective path to 100% clean electricity. Boise residents currently spend approximately $245 million dollars per year on energy in their homes, businesses, institutions, and industrial processes, 75% of which is spent on electricity and 25% on natural gas.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important part of our community’s plan goals to reduce energy use and transition to clean electricity. Achieving our community’s energy efficiency goals will require action by our residents and businesses to make changes in their behavior to reduce energy use and to take specific actions that improve the efficiency in their homes and businesses.

Our electricity and natural gas utilities, Idaho Power and Intermountain Gas, also believe energy efficiency is important. Both utilities offer programs that help residents and businesses be more efficient, save money on their utility bills and offer rebates or incentives for purchasing or installing energy efficient products.

To learn more, visit Idaho Power and Intermountain Gas

For residents and businesses seeking additional information about energy efficiency, please visit the Energy Saver Program provided by the United States Department of Energy.

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