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Apply for the City of Boise Clean City Awards!

The City of Boise is celebrating businesses using waste-reduction solutions to maintain a clean city for everyone.

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Here's How It Works:

Step 1: Complete the Application

  • Fill out the form below with your basic business information. Make sure you have your Utility Bill ready to reference.
  • Select from the list of best practices or share your own. You must have a recycling bin (blue cart or green dumpster) to participate.
  • You will receive an email notification that you’ve applied.
  • Curb It is able to offer on-site assistance to suggest easy changes to diverting waste and getting a higher recognition level.

Step 2: City of Boise Review

  • Curb It Staff will review your application and may send follow up questions to your contact email.
  • Continue implementing best practices! Let us know if you need to update your application via email
  • Depending on number of points earned, Curb It staff will send notification of award.

Step 3: Get Recognized

  • You’ll receive an email with your award level and digital awards immediately upon approval.
  • Window Decal, Digital Logo Files and Certificates will be sent out once approval.
  • Display your award on your windows, website and social media channels.

Clean City Award Tier Levels

Businesses can earn a Clean City Award in two categories:

Pioneer Level: Complete three or more recommended best practices.
Champion Level: Achieve ten or more best practices.

3–9 Points
10–20 Points
Printable CertificateXX
Window DecalXX
Business Directory Listing on City of Boise WebsiteXX
Digital Logo to Display on Business WebsiteX
Thank You Letter from the CityX
Featured on City of Boise Social MediaX

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Curb It Recommended Best Practices

Select the best practices your company has implemented or are planning to implement.

If you are diverting waste in a method that’s not listed, please let us know in the "Other" category. You may submit as many "Other" best practices as you’d like.

You will receive points based on how many best practices your business has implemented. You cannot receive more than 20 points.

PracticeDescriptionHelpful ResourcesPoints
RecyclingParticipating businesses are required to have a recycling cart or dumpster. Call Republic Services at 208-345-1265 to get a free 95 gallon cart or order a dumpster.Republic Services1
Curb It Business Waste EvaluationRequest a free on-site waste evaluation from Curb It to assess your business's waste management practices and identify areas for improvement and optimization.Curb It Business and Apartment Programs2
Conduct a Waste AuditSelf-assess the types and amounts of waste your business generates and use the data gathered to inform strategies to reduce waste.Engie Impact: How To Plan And Conduct A Successful Waste Audit1
Glass RecyclingImplement a glass recycling program to divert glass from the landfill. Introduce separate bins for glass recycling in the workplace and/or order a glass recycling dumpster for your business.Curb It Recycling2
Organics DiversionEstablish a system to separate and compost organic waste, such as food scraps, using a registered organic waste service provider for containers and hauling services.ReFed: Restaurant Food Waste Action Guide3
Waste Bin Signage for Employees and CustomersInstall signage on waste bins to separate recycling from trash and encourage proper waste disposal.Curb It Printable Signs
Training for New and Current EmployeesConduct training to educate employees about waste reduction practices, recycling guidelines, and the importance of minimizing waste.How To Engage Employees In Zero Waste Programs zerowaste.com1
Green TeamEstablish a team within the company dedicated to promoting sustainability and implementing waste reduction initiatives.How-To Guide: Forming a Green Team at Work1
Switch to ReusablesEncourage the use of reusable items like mugs, water bottles, and cutlery to reduce use of single-use disposables.Curb It Reduce and Reuse1
Hefty ReNew Orange Bag ProgramCollect #4-7 plastics in the Hefty® ReNew™ orange bag. This voluntary program enables residents and businesses to divert a variety of plastics from the landfill to be converted into valued resources.Hefty® ReNew™ Orange Bag Program1
Green Business Networks & CertificationJoin networks or pursue certifications, such as LEED or B-CORP certification, that promote environmentally-responsible practices.3
Take-Back ProgramsImplement programs where customers and employees can return products (like electronics or packaging) to the company for proper disposal or recycling.1
Low Waste Purchasing RequirementsEstablish guidelines for purchasing that prioritize products with minimal packaging or those made from recycled materials.1
Green Business Networks & CertificationJoin networks or pursue certifications, such as LEED or B-CORP certification, that recognize and promote environmentally-responsible practices.1
Hazardous Waste Collection ProgramEstablish safe disposal methods for hazardous waste materials like batteries, electronics, or chemicals used in the business operations.1
Other Best PracticeTell us how your business has reduced, reused, or recycled. Submit as many of your own best practices as you like.1

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