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I have reviewed and agreed to the following declarations and terms in accepting possession and use of, compost from the City of Boise Curb It Program: 1. I hereby agree, to the best of my ability, to ensure that any and all compost materials received from the City of Boise (the “City”) will be used for personal, nonprofit, and noncommercial use. I further certify that material obtained from Curb It and the City will be used solely for its intended purpose as soil amendment, top dressing, soil improvement and mulch. 2. I certify that compost material delivered to the designated site will be distributed among participating residents in my area. I further agree that the material will be cleaned up and removed from the designated giveback location within seven days of delivery. 3. I acknowledge that the compost was produced at the City’s Twenty Mile South Compost Facility from materials collected through the City’s residential compost collection program and is provided AS-IS. Compost is derived from recycled sources and may contain a small percentage of foreign material. I further acknowledge that because of the nature of the source, despite reasonable effort and care by City staff, the City makes no guarantees, assurances, or warranties as to identity, character, condition, purity, or safety of the compost. 4. I hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City and any of its officers, officials, employees, and agents from and against any and all claims of damages or loss against the City and its officers, officials, employees and agents arising out of the loading, unloading, use, or possession of the compost delivered to me.

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